Thursday, January 24, 2008

There is a party. Everyone is there.

According to one of my favorite songs, "heaven is a place where nothing ever happens." It's where the band "plays my favorite song. They play it once again, they play it all night long."

According to 3B, however, heaven is a small island, criss-crossed with enough train tracks and anthropomorphic locomotives to make Casey Jones shiver with antici...pation just thinking about it. It's ruled over by a benevolent god, Sir Topham Hatt, who has seen fit to share some of the wealth outside of his realm by licensing replicas of elements of heaven.

And who could turn down officially licensed replicas of heaven, like their very own...or their friend's very own...Thomas the Tank Engine to ride on? Not 3B, that's for sure, as you can see below.

I shot this at a friend's first birthday party. These are both friends of 3B's from daycare...OK, as an aside, should I be concerned that in the past two months, 3B has been invited to more birthday parties than I have been in the last five years? I suppose not, since 3B

  • acts his age.
  • dresses to match the theme, even if it's unannounced.
  • doesn't spill his drinks.
Whatever it is that gets 3B in the door--I prefer to believe that it's his natural charm and cuteness, which he got from Mama--once he's there, he knows exactly what to do. It helped that the guest of honor was turning one, and therefore unable to really ride on Thomas.

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  1. Thomas trains creep me out. My kids inherited some from some other kids, and I tolerate them since my kids don't get the whole Thomas merchandising onslaught.

    Was that an ever-so-subtle Rocky Horror reference I spied in there? I think 3B's a little young for that!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Another excellent video, my friend, and may I say that 3B is rocking in that sweater. Do they make that in a Men's Large?

  3. We went through a phase of Thomas, now he is more interested in any old train. He loves to see the Muni trains rumbling by because that usually means he gets to ride them.

    The eyes on the tv show are spooky.