Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the winner is... brilliant cousin, who not only designed a hilarious holiday banner (I suppose I can take that down now, eh?), but also contributed to her cousin's (my brother's) ride against cancer.

And Valentine's Day was wonderful, although it appears that in a flurry of house cleaning, we might have tossed out (recycled, though, so we were green about it) one of the boxes of See's. As 3B would say, "Whoops!" Although, unlike 3B, we're not chuckling about it.

The calculus of balance was pretty much right on this year, although Mama, as she always does effortlessly, did trump me and melt my heart as she did last year with a handmade card...and no, L-P, you can't claim she got the idea from your comment, since Mama did the same last year. But now I'm wondering if you haven't been sneaking around our house while we're out. Either that, or you're clairvoyant--but could you have envisioned something this cute?

(click to see full size)

I didn't think so.

Next time I write, I'll likely be several hundred or thousand miles from here, on my way to or having arrived for a visit with my brother, during which we'll be watching men in tights who shave their legs and perhaps discovering more modern mothering tips. Meanwhile, Mama's mom and nephew will come down from the Great White North to keep her company, and I'll even get to see them when I get back, so we all get a full week of family visits, although Mama and 3B get to skip the jet lag.

Again, a happy Valentine's Day to all, and thanks again for all of your contributions to my brother's ride. See you on the other side ... all together now ...
all the leaves were brown,
and the sky was gray
I've been for a walk
on a winter's day ...

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  1. That Mama, she's a keeper. Have a great trip.

  2. I suppose then that I don't need to send you your chocolates until March. I forgot what was going on until it was almost too late, and then I was rushed to get back and pick up a sick child (cousin #3) from school.

    I say you keep mama and that 3B too.

    Love to you all