Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Are you shitting me?

A voice mail from Mama (and yes, I do quote):

"Hey, I just wanted to ... (pause) ... OK, I gotta go. Your son is plucking turds out of his diapers now and handing them to me. I was just calling to tell you the story ... (pause, sigh) ... but I think that he's just done it again, so I've gotta go."

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  1. I got the "your son" part loud and clear. Kids have personality too. They express it in the most interesting ways.

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    What a generous boy, to share with his mama. Either that or he was thinking, hey lady, you clean this up!

  3. I hope you took her out to dinner for that.

    Kids can be gross sometimes.

  4. Oooh poor Mama. You better be good her.

    Little Man never did that but he did poop in the tub once while Hubby was giving him a bath.

  5. Painting!! You are missing his artistic talent of painting with poop!! That is what my kids would do. Boy child one did it in the car seat in the front of Grandmother's car. That was interesting cleaning it up on the road. #2 Girl managed to coat the entire crib and most of the wall. Easier to clean up at home. I never got dinner for all my efforts. But definetely save this story for the dating years.

  6. CAGirl: When Mama's nephew was visiting, he finally asked us whose dog Barky was, since both of us call him "your dog."

    Amama: According to Mama, when I finally reached her, it was the latter.

    Steve: I actually booked us a babysitter for a hot date this weekend. Good call.

    Bacchus: Yes, we've had to learn how to schedule baths and watch for warning signs--after sanitizing the tub a few times.

    KM: Remind me not to allow your kids anywhere near 3B until he's done toilet training.

  7. It's 2/28.
    I'm reading this.
    I'm laughing at my desk like an idiot.

  8. L-P: Glad I could provide a little bit of humor during what's got to be a stressful time for you.