Wednesday, February 27, 2008

L'enfer de l'ouest

Before it became hell on wheels, Brother #2 and I checked out the Tour of California in the sunny, warm northern end of the state...

Wondering what hell on wheels looks like? Check it out (scroll down a smidge to see the video).

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  1. Nice video. I like the shot of the empty bike coming out of the tunnel and the guy fishing in the window. Very PA.

    For such a short jaunt, I usually leave my spare bikes behind, but it is always nice to have the coach along, no matter where you are going.

  2. Exceptionally tight video--loved it all. My sister and I must be related: I was going to call out as my favorites exactly the same two clips she did. Very nice timing on the fishing-guy clip. The way I'll tell it, you deliberately planned it that way.

    But a thousand other nice shots too, tight zooms pulling back as the riders approach--and by the way, nice call on the Kraftwerk. If I've heard it before, I don't remember it, but as soon as it started, I wondered if that was what you'd picked. When the vocals came on, I knew.

    Stay dry!

  3. I'm glad you both liked it. It's like we're related or something.

    MrJ, I should really claim that I base my editing technique on the work or Eisenstein and his contemporaries who worked within great constraints--lack of money, footage, etc.--and in coordination with the musicians of their day.

    However, my editing style is probably further from the Eisenstein school and closer to the serendipity school of editing.