Sunday, February 10, 2008


When I hear the word--in the evening news, a whispered conversation overheard, or a friend's diagnosis--I am reminded of how it took Mom's best friend, my father, and how it took the father of my brilliant cousin, my uncle, and how it takes so many other loved ones every day.

Although cancer can cause our loved ones to slip out of our grasp, it cannot steal our love, and it is our love that will raise us up over cancer. It is love that drives the doctors, the scientists, and all those who support them to travel on in their long journey down the road to a world without fear of cancer.

It's a journey of incremental and difficult progress, of small steps and strained pedal strokes, and it's a journey that my brother is continuing on, as a part of Breakaway for Cancer. In this leg of the journey, he did the hard work, the biking; to join him in this journey, all you have to do is give him a little support. [Really, click on that second link, because--holy crap--you can see my brother with George Hincapie. George Damn Hincapie.]

Even though there are only six of you loyal readers out there, together we can easily help my brother meet his modest fundraising goal and, more important, move together against cancer. And if you happen to be my new seventh loyal reader, there's no better time to delurk than now, when you might just get rewarded for revealing yourself.

To get you off your lazy asses motivate all six (or seven) of you to contribute, as part of my contribution to his ride, I'm going to randomly select a winner from those of you who contribute and the winner will receive a $25 iTunes gift certificate.

To qualify, simply leave a comment here to let me know that you've supported him. On Valentine's Day, I'll select a name at random and send off your gift.

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  1. OK, you talked me into it. Looks like he's already over his goal, too.

  2. Anonymous1:34 PM

    My hate for cancer is overwhelming right now. AFter losing my mom last year to it. please to be explaining again how a non smoker who lived what all would say was a "clean"life gets lung cancer? And then one of our really good friends had a 10 year old boy lose his fight las t year as well. I dont get it. I dont understand as well why we have been fighting the disease for years with what seems to be only marginal results. I am giving to your brother. I had sworn off ever giving again because it seems like money down the rabbit hole. Strangely enough I had mentioned this to my father not long ago. He said he felt the same way with the American heart asoc after losing his mom to heart troubles.I am giving because something inside of me doesnt have the full on hate, at least not yet, I hope it never does.I am giving as a tribute to my mom and your dad and our frind Joey.I am giving because I cant let anger rule my life.And I am giving because you are my friend, at that if it is important enough to you to tell us about then thats good enough for me.

    TCB on living again.

  3. Always happy to support my brothers in fighting the good fight. Someday we may win.

  4. I already paid up. He solicited me too. I am the favorite sister!! or I got home first.