Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm too sexy for my tractor

Safety is our first concern. Fashion is a close second.

Safety is our first is a close second...

I'm too sexy for my tractor.

[This picture was removed on advice of my six loyal readers.]

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  1. He will kill you for these photos in about 15 years.

  2. That first one is very cute...but that second one, with the little coy look? He's definitely going to want that one vaporized.

  3. that boy gets cuter every day.

  4. I am glad to see the tractor has a horn. It does not really matter what it looks like, as long as it has a horn.

  5. Every fella looks good in John Deere green. I'm thinking his fashion sense kinda leans toward Bono, no?

  6. Nooo! The second picture was hilarious. Put it back!

  7. Elizabeth, you do realize that I do know your mom, right? Your mom, who has possession of all of your baby photos, including any of the hilarious ones? Let's just let bygones be bygones, shall we?

  8. Okay, I have been busy and neglected your blog. I am terribly sorry. Now you will have to email me that second picture since I never saw it. I know, you know my mom too, and I dare you to find all those incriminating baby pictures of me.

    Yes he looks like Bono ready to do some farm work....

  9. All of my baby pictures are awesome.

    It's really the video that captures the hilarity of my babyness though. My personal favorite is the one of me eating sand at Balboa. Classic!

  10. Elizabeth: So, you're responsible for this?

  11. DANGIT!
    (if that's a word...)
    I can't believe that I missed the 2nd photo...

    He looks VERY cute in the first one. And my goodness, he looks like he is very tall!

  12. L-P: He's consistently in the 95th percentile for height, so yeah, he's tall.

    And "dangit" is a word if you say it is.