Thursday, March 13, 2008

3! (not a meme)

This morning, 3B and I were reviewing the Why We Don't Bang Our Cars on the Glass Windows lesson, which we pretty much have down. I was proceeding to the This Is the Windowsill lesson while 3B was talking about his cars...

"Pick. Up."

"Yes, that's a pickup truck."



"Yes, that's a tow truck."


"Yes, that's your Lamborghini. Can you say 'gull wing'?"

"Three cars."

"Yes, you have three cars." (Silently to myself, "Holy crap.")


"Yes, apparently you can count."

Of course, Mama said that they'd been working on numbers this week, but even she was surprised by that.

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  1. He is a smart one, just like his favorite Auntie!! On a good day, I can count too. I still have to sing my ABCs though. It is a good song.

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    ' there's an important vocabulary word.

    I tell you, these little whippersnappers...

    This morning the almost 4-yo girl says to me, "Mama, does two plus two make four?"

    I said, "Why, yes it does, sweetie," and smiled to myself in the bathroom mirror as I realized that the kids would indeed be able to support me in my old age in the manner to which I could easily become accustomed.

  3. Kmoo and Amama: I'm hoping that 3B is smarter than me too, so that I can live in a manner to which I could easily become accustomed.

    Mama gets mad at me every time I point at pictures of Stanford and tell 3B, "That's Stanford, where you're going to go on a full academic scholarship." I figure that's just good retirement planning right there.

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Oh, yes, it's going to have to be the full scholarship ride around here too! We're just starting to look at the financials for Waldorf school in the fall. I read somewhere recently that paying for private school doesn't take away from saving for college, it just is practice for paying for college. Now that's positive thinking.