Wednesday, March 05, 2008

3B's first Venn Diagram

Best Venn Diagram Ever, originally uploaded by pescatello.

Who knew that he even knows PowerPoint?


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    For my son, the other circle would be "Times I can hit, break, or build things." For my daughter, the other circle would be "Times I'm eating carbs" or "Times I'm dressed like a fairy."

  2. Porgie likes to run around naked too.

    I am impressed with your kid's computer skills.

  3. Amama: 3B actually has other other circles, like "Times I'm climbing" or "Times I'm doing something dangerous."

    Christy: Not only does 3B like to be naked--well, down to his diaper, anyway...we're not crazy--he now wants everyone to be naked with him. This morning, he demanded that Mama and I take off our clothes while he was naked.

  4. Anonymous12:33 PM

    That's fucking genius!

  5. MD: What can I say, the kid's a prodigy...a prodigy plagiarist, but a prodigy nonetheless.

  6. He obviously has been getting in some screen time, to be sp proficient at PowerPoint.

    Clothes are so restricting, and the best part of being a toddler is freedom. It is closely followed by the second best part which is manipulating your parents into joining you in whatever silly activity suits you for the moment. Nakedness, singing, skipping, dancing or locating helicopters.

  7. ahhh, yes. Gage can relate.

  8. Anonymous10:17 PM

    OMG that is awesome.

  9. CAGirl: He doesn't have to manipulate that much; I'm not a big fan of clothes either. However, having moved away from our childhood home to places that require some layers for survival, I do see their utility.

    L-P: Yes, I believe that I recall some pictures that attest to that.

    SJC: Aren't you supposed to be, like, sleeping, or nursing, or something? (But, if you are going to be all, like, online and stuff, it's your turn.)