Friday, March 14, 2008

3B's first talkie

As you can hear in this video, when we went to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, 3B was talking up a storm as he buzzed around outside, pushing his stroller, playing with sticks, and running away from us to sit on a street corner with a paper cup, his stick collection, and a tattered sign--Will Play for Toys or Lollypop.

Before we did the running around that you see here, 3B had a great time inside, especially going inside a rocket ship (the Skylab mockup) with Mommy.

And, uh, yeah ... those hats ... For the longest time, 3B wouldn't often wear hats. Finally, we've convinced him that hats can keep him warm and keep the sun ("Bright! Bright!") out of his eyes. Apparently he sometimes needs both functions at once ... or he was getting in touch with his inner homeless man.

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    3B rocks.

    I made one video when the boy was a baby. Then during playback I realized what a complete moron I sounded like, with that high mama voice saying things like "You like the ball? You are such a good crawler! Yes, cat. That's the cat." So, I never made another video again. Sorry, grandparents, it's not happening.

  2. He is super adorable.

  3. Amama: I'm right there with you. I think that I sound dorkish, but I wanted the fam to be able to hear his voice and words, so you get me too.

    Christy: Thanks. That's quite a compliment from you; as cute as your kids are, you must be an expert on adorability.

  4. I like to hear my brother with the kid too. 3B does not just talk to himself.

    Good luck with the Stanford thing. That name has not come up lately, and we have been discussing colleges. Mostly southern California, but one in Virginia came up, and she said that was OK, because it was near you.

  5. I remember GM telling me once that she was a little worried about my #1 when we were visiting Yosemite once and we were well into a walk, when he finally picked up a stick. She knew he would find a good one, and I guess, from his explanation, that he was old enough to wait for that perfect stick. Usually he would pick up the first one and then trade up for a better one as we walked along. GM was very relieved when he did finally pick one up.

    I am glad to hear your voice on the tape since it has been a while since I could interpret that language. You did a good job interpreting without too much repeating and then I understood him. Won't it be exciting when he picks up real scissors and goes snip snip on his hair. Most kids do it, so when he does, consider him normal.

    He is awfully cute!!

  6. If I worked for Homeland Security, I'd be seriously concerned about this young male subject repeatedly ramming a national cultural institution with a cart, evidently trying to trigger some kind of destructive reaction that never came. And then he got out the power tools, first using them to try to fix the Destruct-O-Cart, and then drilling into the ground at the museum itself--as the soundtrack makes clear: "Bzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzz!" Tom Robbins is quick to warn us about the tendencies of redheads to try to destabilize social institutions.

    Fortunately I'm not with HSA, so I got just as much of a kick out of watching the little rapscallion escape at the end of the first reel. Looking forward to future reels!

    (BTW: King Crimson? More redhead references?)

  7. CAGirl: Tell her to come on back for a visit--and to stay for four years. We'll take care of her, plus I'm sure that means that we get to see you more too, which is a win-win for us. (And tell her not to worry, we won't be all up in her grill while she's here, but she will have somewhere close by to come home to.)

    KMoo: He's not too picky, but he will point out if his stick is a "tiny stick" or a "big stick." I think he's also calling out "small sticks." They all work, however.

    MrJ: Actually, the young vegetarian was ramming into the McDonald's that's attached to the side of Air & Space. Notice that we weren't stopping him. I hadn't even thought about the King Crimson/redhead link. That's why you're the smart one.