Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dinosaurs and VD: Breeders wear flannel

It's new movie Tuesday here at the Bradstein household...

I love this piece, except if the trailer looked like this, Herb Alpert would have done the soundtrack...

Is it so wrong that I want to see this movie just for the title track...and the first track in the trailer...and that witty cokehead leading man...

And something educational about dinosaurs and venereal disease, because life can't be all fun...unless you're a toddler, of course...some sample quotes from this great 1966 educational video, which shows how a young woman can get VD by drinking from a water fountain near two homosexuals...who can apparently be identified by the sweaters they wear--if I'm reading the subtext correctly, breeders wear flannel...

"The chances of meeting a dinosaur in today's world are very slim. But, the possibility of contacting another kind of prehistoric monster is all too real. This monster is venereal disease..."

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  1. I guess it is important to stay away from excitable guys with car keys too.

    It is nice to see that they are still using the eastern Sierra for explosive films, wherever they think they are.

  2. Yeah, the world is fraught with peril. Especially the eastern Sierra, apparently. Back in the Star Trek days, you just had to steer clear of Vasquez Rocks.

  3. How do you FIND this stuff????

    I actually educate some in our ER about STDs....and when I first came to my current hospital, the pamphlets & educational materials I had....oh, they were straight from the 70s. In fact, I still have one entitled, "Chlamydia is Not a Flower". Oh, and it's available in Spanish as well.... Lucky recipients!

    ...and, when my dad started dating again...I seized the opportunity to discuss pharyngeal gonorrhea...you know, just to watch him squirm!

  4. L-P: OK, yuck. However, if 3B has questions when we give him The Talk, we're sending him over to your house, since you clearly have all the answers.

  5. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Wow, so it's not just the current neocon government that wants us to live in fear--it was also the health department circa 1965!

    Interesting how they lingered on the two young men when they mentioned homosexuals, but then they're actually swingin' heteros in the next scene. I wonder if they were unwilling to show "actual" gays, or if they were just giving the nod to being in the closet?

  6. Amama: Dude, we all know that the 50's, which I think this clip represents more than the decade it was actually made in, was all about being closeted...or bunkered...or whatever...as Cheech and Chong say, "Recession, repression...it's all the same thing."

  7. Man all this time it was the sweaters that gave us away? Damn! I love these videos. It isn't so hard to believe that people bought this because well they also thought that Liberace was straight. LOL I need to go buy some more sweaters now. I have a reputation to keep.

  8. Bacchus: I know, right? Sweaters. Who knew it was so obvious? Clearly not the woman in the fur lined coat at the drinking fountain.

    I think the Liberace thing was more difficult than you think to figure out--he never wore a sweater. Then again, according to this movie, the fact that he didn't wear flannel should have tipped us off, right?

  9. I am going to grab my head band and see my doctor right away. Who knows what I may have. I still use public drinking fountains.

    I will also share this with my kids and see what they think.