Monday, March 24, 2008

I want candy!

Some of what our Easter looked like...and some other recent days...and some not so recent days.

Starring 3B, Ms. A, and what appears to be a silverback gorilla.

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1 comment:

  1. I hope your Easter was a good one and I hope he knows to eat all that candy in the first hour after receiving it. I had to put cousin H4's bucket of candy in the back of the car to keep his hands out of it. He will have a few pieces to eat tomorrow thanks to my efforts. Then he is done with all his candy.

    We left Yakima on Saturday night (later than I would have hoped) after a victorious Saturday watching Cousin H3 and the Tumwater High School Dance team compete in the Washington State competition. They came in 2nd in Hip Hop, 2nd in Pom and 1st in Dance. She did the hip hop. They had superior scores in all their events. We arrived in Spokane (for a long overdue visit) around midnight and by 1 in the morning, I think we had everyone in bed.... or maybe that was just me in bed. Today we got up in shifts (the yongest ones first... see sister B you are young)and managed to accomplish breakfast, a shower, an egg hunt, a dog walk, getting kids dressed (not in that order) all before going to church. Sister B wishes she had picked a church farther away so she could enjoy more of the seat warmer, which was just warming up as we arrived.