Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lessons learned, mac & cheese, words of the day

We're all better enough from our illness to be back at work, but not well enough to really exert ourselves, so I'll be brief here. If I have the energy tomorrow, perhaps I'll write about the typhoid in our fridge, or my wedding anxiety dream.

Another one of Beitzel's axioms is that growth is painful, and that learning is a form of growth. This is why sometimes I'd rather avoid learning. However, at times it's unavoidable. During my illness was one of those times...Lessons learned: You won't puke if you don't eat. Bones, although seemingly bereft of nerves, can ache. If you're hit hard enough in the forehead with a steel bread hook, rolling your eyes can trigger a headache (this may not be a problem if you're not as sarcastic as I am).

Noodles & Co. just opened next to the office, making bland comfort food a quick walk away, which is no small mercy while I'm still recovering my digestive equilibrium. However, isn't a trip to Noodles to get mac & cheese a trip wasted? I guess not if it doesn't make you barf, it's not.

Words of the day: in response to Mama bringing 3B a bowl of cheese and fruit for a snack, he reported that he was "very excited."

Also, Mrs. K reported yesterday that when she looked at 3B's highchair tray after lunch and told him that he'd made an "awful mess" he looked right at her and said, "That's funny."

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  1. Regarding #3, the apple did not fall far from the tree. He has your sense of humor.

  2. I know. Pray for Mama; she's got two of us to deal with.

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Lesson I learned today: If you can only get the kid to lay still for a while, he'll probably fall asleep even if he "isn't tired".

    Thank the Lord for that.

  4. Amama: That makes it a truly good Friday for you.