Monday, March 17, 2008

Now I'm #3

This parenting thing gets easier every day. Today I discovered that I can do it while sleeping.

This morning, Mama and I debated whether I should stay home while she continued recovering from Pukeapalooza. She insisted that she was OK to the point that I was walking out the door to work when she said, "I'm sure that I can make it at least until noon."

So I stayed home, watching 3B while Mama retreated to bed.

3B kept insisting on getting into his crib, which left me lying with Barky on the futon in 3B's room, where I drifted off several times as I started feeling worse. To my credit, 3B was dozing too. I think. Barky was definitely out cold. At any rate, 3B was perfectly safe, and I didn't even drool on the comforter.

By the time Mama got up, feeling somewhat human again, she looked at me and told me to go to bed. Thank goodness for that. As victim #3 of this pernicious bug, I've slept six hours today. I'm up now for some bullion, but then I'm heading back to slumberland before anything else in my body starts aching or cramping.

Before I do, here's my viral top ten...kiss a friend, pass it on...

  1. Aching knot on my forehead from getting cracked on the skull by Captain Hook.
  2. Refrigerators that we still--still!--have in our house.
  3. People in this house who are all, like, Buddhist and are all, like, be all nice to all living things and all that crap, who would just as soon see every sample of this virus dropped into the Pu'u 'O'o cone.
  4. Minimum number of hours between doses of Tylenol.
  5. Symptoms of this illness that you really don't want to know about. Trust me on this.
  6. Pages of the NY Times I could skim before getting a headache.
  7. Sips of bullion I'm keeping down.
  8. Parts of my body that hurt right now.
  9. Times I've read Rocket Ship today. 3B used to bring it to me to read insisting that he was 'cared [scared] of it, but wanting me to read it nonetheless. Today, there were no claims of being scared by it. In fact, Mama and I are trying to work out if he is using that word the same way that we do. Many thanks to Aunt S, cousin J, and our brilliant cousin for the hours of rapt amazement today.
  10. Number of oyster crackers I had for breakfast.

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  1. I did not intend my previous comment to wish something on you. I could just see what was coming. I hope you are all better soon, and your kitchen is put to rights as well.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Oh no! Quit all that sharing now!

    You know, it's real hard to be all Buddhist when you regularly kill other creatures--like how many times a day do you wash your hands? Maybe that's Jainism, but I'm too tired to decide.

    Speaking of Jains and Buddhists and flus, oh my...did you know that the root of the English word "mucus" is moksha, the Sanskrit for "release," as in release from samsara? Cool little early spring cold/flu season/Buddhism factoid, brought to you by the online Merriam Webster Unabridged Dictionary!

    Sorry if that made your head ache some more.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Welcome to hell, my friend. We just went through it a few weeks ago. First, the kid. Then, me. Then, the wifey. It's like Dante's Circle of Hell, isn't it?

    Look on the bright side. I have friends who have 4 kids. This winter, they got slammed. At least one person had the vomit flu in the house for about 8 consecutive weeks. Can you imagine?

    Feel better. Watch out for those oyster crackers. That shit will make you crazy.

  4. Dang guy, you guys do it all the way don't you?

    Little Man has the same fear/fascination with car washes. He can point them out 5 blocks away and he'll sit fascinated and watch them on the computer. But he doesn't want us to pull into one.