Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pregnant twit on his way to Uganda

So, I've been feeling a little pregnant recently ...

Those of you who know that I'm a Twit probably know that I got a tetanus shot and that I've been taking typhoid vaccine in preparation for our upcoming trip to Uganda. I opted for the oral vaccine, which is a live vaccine, because it lasts for five years, versus the injection, which lasts two years.

One catch to the oral vaccine is that I had to take one pill every other day for a week. The other catch is that it made me constantly queasy, bloated, and exhausted. To keep from horking, I had to plan my movements well in advance because moving quickly was not an option. Neither was exerting myself in any way. Both would immediately give rise to greater queasiness.

All of these symptoms seemed vaguely familiar, and I finally realized why ... this was how Mama reported feeling during her first trimester. Except my breasts weren't getting larger.

So, I was finally able to control the nausea somewhat when I remembered how she coped--for the last week, I've been nibbling away on small snacks and sipping sodas from dawn until I collapse at night.

Now that I'm a few days past my last dose, that all seems to be lifting, however. Let me just say that I'm grateful that this has only lasted one week, not for a trimester. And, not that I wasn't sympathetic when Mama was pregnant before, but I'm thinking that this will make me a more empathetic dad next time around.

And let me say that I've got a little more trepidation now about next week's yellow fever shot, although that's the last of the shots. And now that the tetanus shot has worn off enough that I don't have to take Tylenol 24/7 just to move my arm, perhaps I'll be writing here more.

So, any tips for what to see and do in Uganda?

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  1. Poor pregnant Papa. Did you know that some women are sick during their entire pregnancy? Sounds like hell on Earth to me.

  2. Christy: Yes, I do. Mama's best friend went to the hospital several times and was on IVs. My own Mom told me she was only sick during her first trimester, but she threw up every morning, and she had six of us, so that's like two whole pregnancies of being sick. Being the sixth of those kids, I considered myself lucky to be here after hearing that. I don't know if I would have done the morning sickness bit six times. I guess I'm lucky that my siblings are all so cute and well-behaved.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Uganda? Really? Why? 3B too?

  4. Yeah that's me, Cute and well behaved!!! I hope you remember that.

    Now rumor has it that mom wanted a dozen kids, Why did she stop at you?!!!

  5. Travel sounds like so much fun, I think I will stay home. What is that you are saying about me being cute and well behaved? Is that why I have little brothers and sisters? I should have known better. I have a friend with a theory about why difficult children are often the youngest in the family. Parents do not spoil them into the behavior, the child spoils the parent for other siblings. That must have been your job.