Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who turned the pollen switch on?

Spring is here! Woo hoo! Achoo!


It is that time of year when an middle-aged man's thoughts turn to his daily loratadine dose and the relief that it brings from that feeling that someone stuffed a burdock in each of his tear ducts and opened up a fire hose at the top of each of his nostrils and scrubbed his corneas with steel wool.

Ah, spring. I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you, she's my daughter, she's my sister...uh, what now?

Anyway, to celebrate, we're headed into DC for the kite festival today, which is just downwind of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Pray for my sinuses. It's due to be almost 40 degrees out so we'll leave either when Mama and I are too cold or when 3B has finally had enough of flying shiny things (read: we'll be hospitalized for hypothermia by 2 p.m.).

Last year, we had a wonderful time on a beautiful day with some good friends. We'll be without those friends this year--they moved to China--but we should still have a good time, especially with all the wind coming in with this cold front.

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  1. You get pollen? We still have "flowers" of a slightly colder variety falling from the sky. I do not usually indulge the teenage need to self portraitize constantly, but the one I took last night tells it all. Shadow insisted on a walk, despite the weather. I hope you all had fun with the kites.

  2. Yep, Clarinex, nasal spray that I can't spell and something for the eyes that I can't spell either and I still feel the way you do. Wear a surgical mask to DC. ;-)

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Being farther south, you're ahead of us on the pollen front...we're just saying goodbye to the snowdrops. But it's coming, oh yes. The boy still has a stuffy nose even after that last cold/flu seems long gone...maybe it's all the maple tree blossoms?

  4. CAGirl & Amama: I don't envy your shorter days, but I do envy the delay of pollen season. Oh, but I do love our longer summers. Until they get so hot that I want to unzip my skin and sit around in my bones to cool off, that is.

    BBM: Should you be wearing a surgical mask? Or maybe a hazmat suit?

  5. It is wonderful to see how much 3B has grown in a year. Just last year he was a baby, and now he is starting to look at colleges.... oh wait, that would be my daughter.

    I have learned that the allerclear 2 times a day works best on the youngest cow cousin. Once was just not cutting it. I will let him know that he is middle aged.

  6. :)
    Hope the kite festival was a blast!

  7. Kmoo: He has too much hair to be even close to middle aged.

    L-P: Thanks. It was.