Friday, April 18, 2008

An afternoon in the life...

Lessons learned today in short phrases, because that's all that I'm capable of producing right now.

Getting professionally installed blinds is worth the money.


After - back in black
(And yes, that is a picture of an entirely blacked out room. What can I say? The loratadine overdose is messing with my head...I was bewildered by the unprecedented darkness...I'm a moron.)

Even when I take two loratadine by mistake, and sudafed all day, the pollen still makes me want to rip my face off. Or perhaps it's all the dust from the construction around the dog park. Whatever it is, it feels like someone rubbed Tabasco sauce in my tear ducts.

Dog park or Gaza Strip?

(Bad news about the allergies is I think that I passed them on to 3B, along with a redhead's temperament. The good news is that today I can finally sneeze full sneezes again, which is nice, because those half sneezes were about as satisfying as half orgasms.)

Rockin' the dog park

We sometimes dress our child like a German tourist

Our little German tourist

...and yet we still take him out in public.

Seriously...what were we thinking?

It's possible to have a tantrum when eating a dish of frozen custard with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Meltdown over ice cream.

...but it doesn't last long.

More fun to eat without a spoon.

Also, you can give your Mom any hunk of yarn glued to a page, and she'll save it until the day she dies, after which time, your brother will send it to you, in case you want to add it to your curated petrified yarn collection.

What the--?

But seriously, I think Mom and Brother #2 are both awesome for doing that. I think I'm a bit strange for giving this to Mom, but this is nothing compared to the collage I gave her one year...I'll post that as soon as I can get my scanner software to start.

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  1. That artwork is impressive.

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I'm guessing the tantrum was from being all hot and sweaty. Because the ice cream should have obliterated all other sensory experiences!

    My mom saved all my art and important school papers. Then when we were transporting them from So Cal to No Cal, the camper shell flew off our pickup and everything ended up scattered all over I-5. Instant nonattachment.

  3. BTW, there's one more that didn't fit in the box. I'll either post it on eBay as an early Picasso and kick the proceeds into 3B's college fund, or give it to you next time I see you.

    Your sisters had a grand time going through all those. There were masterwork samples from all six of us, tucked in behind the CD collection in Mom's bedroom. I'm just the last link in a long chain of people who knew your life would not be complete until your entire childhood oeuvre was back in your hands.

    I'm gratified to see it arrived undamaged.

  4. I love the pix of 3B. Where can I get an outfit and shades like that? It would go so far in embarrassing my daughter. Save those shots to show his first girlfriend, or anyone who might want to marry him. She should know what she is getting into.

    When my nose gets really bad, (like after it stops snowing so the flowers can bloom) I sometimes use eye drops, which make my eyes calm down, then my nose gets better too, since the tear ducts drain down the nose.

  5. Today, after the track meet with runner cousin almost 18, we stopped to shop and her explanation of her outfit was that she got dressed in the dark. Her blacks didn't match, and her greens clashed oh my goodness I shouldn't let her out of the house like that.

    Then she decided to try on some clothes only to realize she had dressed for a track meet in the snow. She had on her undergarments, two layers in some places, then she had on her under-armor, then her track outfit (shorts and a singlet) and then her sweats and her letterman's jacket. Took her about 5 minutes to get down to a layer where she could try on a bathing suit or shorts. Yes she believes the snow will stop soon.

    If 3B asks, just tell him you are trying to dress him just like his other cousins. Out here we wear socks with our sandals.

  6. Christy: Gracias.

    Amama: Agreed about the ice cream--especially since it was actually frozen custard. As for your artwork, you know what the man says--instant karma's gonna' get ya'.

    MrJ: Glad you had a good time with this, and thanks again for sending it. I trust that you and your sister will post your artwork as well?

    CAGirl: I will try the eye drops thing. See my comment to MrJ...or did you achieve instant nirvana a la Amama via the recycle bin?

    KMoo: Socks under my sandals prevent gravel from irritating my feet. However, Mama told me that if 3B wears sandals to the playground the splinters from the bark drive him crazy. Not a problem at ours, with the rubber padding, but at the one in these pics, it's a whole thing.