Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The apple falls and gets a raspberry

...he doesn't fall far from the tree, but he does fall.


Like Papa, he tends to go face--or chin--first. Fortunately, this was just a little tumble on a railroad tie step, but it did leave him with a nice raspberry on his chin.

Raspberry close up

Mama's first words as I scooped 3B up, were, "Do I need to make a call?" Two minutes later, after gathering comfort in his Mama's arms, 3B was demanding to be let down to collect sticks.

It doesn't seem to have affected his appetite either.


This is what we were doing before this minor calamity...

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  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Ouch. For some reason, when he was still toddling, my son fell several times and always cut open his eyelid/eyebrow in the same general spot. Those heavy, heavy, heads! The worst was the time he fell backwards onto a concrete slab--the sound of his noggin hitting the slab will echo through my brain forever.

  2. Yeowch. Yeah, I'll forever see 3B's head bounce up off the railroad tie. It was one of those horrible falls, where we all saw it coming when it became inevitable, but Mama and I were too far away to get there to stop it.

  3. Ouchy.

    That last picture of him eating though----so funny!

    How rosy are his lips?? Seriously---they are so bright & beautiful! Like little rose petals!

    Gage recently took a spill in my mother's driveway & had to get liquid stitches to the forehead.

    And...something else that recently made me think of you & Mama. So, you guys like to bike. On my friend, Ginger's blog, I saw this advertisement about watching out of cyclists. It's two basketball teams playing....have you seen it?
    It was interesting to me. If you haven't already seen it---go to her blog & watch it.

  4. My little boy always hit the same spot on his forehead. I thought about a bandage, but figured everyone could see how he did it, so it did not matter much. It never slowed him down at all.

    And yes, 3B, gravity works. Either that or the earth sucks just as you go off the step.

  5. My daughter is always falling or bumping her head. I think somebody should make bubble wrap clothes for toddlers

  6. L-P: Are you flirting with my son? Do we need to step outside to talk about this? Seriously, however, thanks. I think he's adorable too, although I might be biased. I read about little Gage. Yeowch. Poor little guy.

    CAGirl: Yeah, gravity does suck. And he wasn't even upright, walking up or down the step; he was sort of clambering over it when his hands slipped out from under him.

    CTD: I have a friend who went for Halloween in a bubble wrap suit that he got his mom to make. It was brilliant.

  7. You need a bubble wrap hat!!

    I was just discussing this with my 15 year old this morning as she got a headrush and leaned on her big brother until it was over. He told her how to handle such incidents... because he has done this many times too. Let me tell you how freaky it is to see a 6foot 2 go down unconcious. Then he comes to and explains what happened. He leans himself towards something he wants to fall on like a soft couch... whether or not I am sitting there. That way he is less likely to hit his head on something that will leave a mark.

    Yes he did fall often as a shorter person too and he has the scar in his eyebrow to tell of it. My other favorite was when he would cry and hold his breath... then go into convulsions... pass out.... start breathing again and everything would be okay.

    He is standing here today laughing about all this.

  8. Oh, and he loves the music to go with the video too. Very appropriate.

  9. That bubble wrap hat needs a chin strap.