Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good things come in fives--Threes, sir--threes!

  1. Mama is home. This means that 3B's development can now continue.

  2. Toilet training has begun. Well, sort of. While Mama was gone, 3B's interest in peeing on the potty waxed again, so we passed many great moments reading stories while he sat on the potty not peeing.

    However, every night at bathtime, as soon as I had his pants and diaper off, 3B would run into the bathroom and sit on the potty to try to pee. We would sit there while the bath filled, but nary a drop of pee fell the entire week.

    The first night Mama was back, though, lightning struck, much to her surprise. It was especially surprising because she wasn't aware of the traditional nightly Running of the Potty ceremony, and was herself enjoying a brief moment of solitude in the john, the head, the library, the doobluh vay say, if you will.

    In burst 3B, with a huge grin across his face, yelling "Pee on the potty! Pee on the potty! Pee on the potty!" He plunked himself down as Mama closed the door again to grant them the privacy together that such intimate social events deserve. A moment later I heard her cry out, "Oh, what good peeing in the potty!" I went to get some cookies for the boy.

    Want to know what's even better? He did it again tonight!

  3. Today, because our elevator was once again out, Mama and 3B were climbing the seven floors of stairs to get home when Mama asked 3B if he could count the steps. Most of our requests like this, if they get a response at all, garner nothing more than a look that says, "Do I look like an organ grinder's monkey? If you want someone to do tricks for you, why don't you get a border collie?" This time, though, 3B methodically said, to himself, of course--he don't work on Maggie's farm no more, "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10."

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  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Please email me your snail mail again. I have something the boy needs very badly.

    TCB on Pee

  2. He will grow up just like his cousin L. My favorite was when she was counting the stairs down from Vernal Falls and as we approached hikers going up, she would tell them how much farther thay had to go. Let's just say they looked beat upon hearing only 572 more steps. That didn't include the long places without steps.

  3. I am glad to hear the boy can count. I just got the border collie instead. They are indeed too smart for their own good.

    I am sorry to hear you are doing the stairmaster again. Ah, the price of a view. At least the boy knows how to go whee when he gets to the top. I hope the dog can do the same when he gets to the bottom.

  4. KM: That's a fine public service that 3B's cousin was providing, helping people set realistic expectations.

    CAGirl: Very nice about the whee.

  5. Anonymous9:20 AM

    3B has taken the first step toward that glorious day that will be The Last Time You Have to Buy/Change/Wash Diapers. Woo hooo!!

  6. awwww ...

  7. Lord, I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way:

    when he sits on the potty, a stream of air hitting his penis may trigger the urine flow. Say perhaps, if a parent were to blow AIR in that direction.

    I think you get my message here, and hopefully can agree that what I've written---while clean, could be taken in a very...um, different direction.

  8. L-P: Thanks for the, er, tip.

  9. Congratulations on the whee! Who'd have ever thought we'd be celebrating peeing in the potty.

  10. Bacchus: Yeah, I can't wait to celebrate poop.