Friday, April 04, 2008

I hate Friday

Perhaps not every Friday, but this Friday is certainly near the top of my list to go up against the wall with a blindfold and a cigarette.

First thing I tried to do this morning was leave my building to take Barky for a walk...
During our entire walk, Barky behaved as if he wanted to go to remedial obedience school, obeying approximately 1 of every 10 commands, and constantly being distracted by people, cars, dogs, the wind...

Fortunately for your sake, I didn't take pictures of my morning shower, but let me summarize: freezing, scalding, freezing, scalding, repeat ad infinitum.

During the entire bus ride to work I was imagining a fresh handmade donut with Nutella from my favorite street cart and my standard Friday grande, half-caf, extra hot latte from Starbucks. Then I got off the bus.

This is where the cart sits... (notice the total lack of cart)

This is the Starbucks that is five steps from where the bus drops me off...
I went to the Starbucks in the mall, where the line was out the door and down the corridor, and probably up the escalator all the way to Radio Shack on the third level. So, I went to Panera, where they had to fire up the espresso machine to make a somewhat passable imitation of a latte. I also bought a lovely pecan roll that turned out to be singed on the bottom.

But then...

And my king size bed? it's all good.

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  1. It's like a treasure hunt for coffee! Too funny.

    Is it just me or is 3B getting cuter and cuter every single day?

  2. BBM: It's not just you.

    Also, about the coffee treasure hunt...glad you enjoyed it, but it wasn't so funny here. As Dave Barry wrote:

    It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.

    I bet this kind of thing does not happen to heroin addicts. I bet that when serious heroin addicts go to purchase their heroin, they do not tolerate waiting in line while some dilettante in front of them orders a hazelnut smack-a-cino with cinnamon sprinkles.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Dude, get a coffee maker for yourself! I'm still hung up on the "handmade donut with Nutella" thing. Is that even legal? That sounds way too good. 3B is gorgeous, and I love love love his hair.

  4. Amama: Got one. We make toddy coffee, so I've had my iced cup before I leave, but my Friday treat to myself is a nice latte, sometimes with a tasty treat.

    As for those tasty long as you don't tell the food cops about those donuts I won't. They are as good as you imagine, and then some.

  5. Dude, I bet your Starbucks is one of the first in line for the new espresso machines, the ones that are built lower so the barista can hang out with you over the top of it while they mix your drinks.

    Speaking of mixed drinks, um . . . toddy coffee? You mean, like, because you're taking a bus to work you can have a toddy before leaving, and it braces you for the day? Maybe to fight allergies, the way a hot toddy . . .

  6. man! you just couldn't catch a break. But it's pretty amazing what our little smile-finders can do.


    PS: if you are looking for a pick-me-up, try this sinful treat: Quaker peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar that you dip & redip in your very own jar of Nutella. Oh, it's sinful. ...and so freaking good!

  7. L-P: I will try that. Yikes, that sounds good.

  8. Your day sounds like it was right up there with Cousin #2. She was able to trip and fall on anything in her proximity... such as an electrical outlet sticking up out of the floor by an inch... in a very quiet library... the fall was very loud. My personal favorite was when she fell onto a 3 foot by 3 foot coffee table and ended up sprawled out all over it. All of this might have been caused by the early morning so we could go and see the UDub with Cousin #3 and Auntie B.

    I think your day definitely wins over hers. If you want you can stay in bed today... well until 3B gets up and needs you.

    He will only keep getting cuter... I know since he comes from some of the same gene pool as your younger relatives.

  9. What my sister did not tell you is that it took me less time to drive home from UW than she did. When I called her after I had returned home and unpacked and was out for a walk with the dog she was still shopping her way home. We decided that when the girls are there in school together, they can come here for home cooked meals, because it is closer. The meal is more likely to be home cooked too.

    Oh, and 3B is too cute. You can send him our way any time. He can bring me the donut with nutella on it from the cart, so long as it is a Friday.