Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday haiku [almost]

Cheese stands alone.
Fascinated forklift.
Daddy's fat.
Annotated below.

"Cheese stands alone."
3B made this mysterious existentialist statement to Mama recently. She pondered it for about five minutes before realizing that it's the last line of The Farmer in the Dell.
"Fascinated forklift."
Last week, when I dropped off 3B at Mrs. K's, there was a flatbed tractor trailer with a forklift attached to its back end dropping off a load of lumber at the house across the street from her. Before going in to drop him off, I held 3B and we watched in rapt silence as a man lowered the forklift from the back of the truck, drove it to the side of the trailer, hoisted the load of wood, drove it over to the neighbor's lawn and set it down.

When we went in, I explained to Mrs. K what we'd been doing, and she told 3B to come to her side window, where he could continue watching the men work. As he scrambled down out of my arms, 3B simply said, "fascinated" before run-stumbling over to the window to continue his study of hydraulics and internal combustion engines.

We're not quite sure where he learned the word, but he now uses it frequently, and correctly, particularly when he's playing with a little Matchbox forklift that I had growing up.

"Daddy's fat."
This is one of my favorites, although Mama's trying to stop 3B from saying it. When Mama and 3B were at the post office last week, he yelled this several times while they were waiting in line. I had gotten him saying it one day when he was tripping over his words, trying to say, "Daddy [I'm] fascinated..." I purposely misheard him and asked, "Did you say, 'Daddy fat'?" When he repeated that phrase to me, it cracked me up. That's all it took. Now, every time he says it, Mama replies, "No, Daddy's not fat." Meanwhile, I'm cracking up. Poor kid, he'll never know which way is up.

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  1. "fascinated"??? That's a big word! I'm impressed.

    Gage's new word/phrase that I didn't know he knew: "direction."
    As in, "Let's go THAT direction" followed by, "NOOOO, Mommy! I said THAT (pointing of course) direction."

    Ahhh....they're so cute & funny. Isn't this whole "language is new & I can express myself verbally" stage so much fun?????
    [warning: it is until they repeat "oh shit" in front of your 86 year old grandmother...then you can't get them to shut up fast enough!]

  2. L-P: It is fun to watch them (try to) take control of their world. Funny how they seem to understand better than we do that they're not in control of their world. "Direction" is a good abstract word.

    "Oh shit" isn't so abstract, but can be as helpful, at times.

    3B is enamored of Ring Around the Rosie and often calls out "Ashes! Ashes!" But his pronunciation is lacking, so it comes out as "Asses! Asses!" Fortunately, he's only said it to Mama and I. So far.

  3. I can tell that together you are awesome parents. Keep the kid guessing.

    I had to keep changing my tactics to keep my kids on their toes. Dad is too predictable, and boring. and hasn't changed in all the years we have had kids. He still wants to treat #1 like he is 1 or 2. All of the kids will remind him that they have conquered their language skills.

    When I don't understand the kids (because they are in another room and I have water running) I will repeat what they say always including some exotic animal doing something fun.... the giraffe is hanging socks on the clothesline?

    Keep laughing.

  4. Wow! 3B is really talking up a storm! Porgie says lots of stuff, but nothing as complicated as "fascinated." Her favorite thing to say is, "Are you ready?"

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Around here, we always sing "the cheeeeeese stands alooooone" with proper pomp and silliness. It's just so ripe with meaning, and yet, so inane. If the rat takes the cheese, why is it alone? Let's go. We can't. Why not? We're waiting for Godot/the cheese.

    Sorry, I went a little far afield there.

    I love how you watched the forklift "in rapt silence". That is the perfect description! One of our favorites is the big truck with the hydraulic lift that switches out the trash dumpsters. And the bonus--the guy always honks his horn at the kids when he drives away. Bliss!

  6. That is a super big word and so damn cute! I love when kids do that. My kids like to use big words but they always end up sounding like swear words. Big I's favorite was "sparkling" which sounded more like "Farkling" if you get my drift...

  7. Kmoo: I hope we always keep laughing. I'm sure 3B will keep laughing at me.

    Christy: So...are you ready? Yow. I'm not sure that I'm ready for complete phrases yet.

    Amama: From now on, we'll just say, "Godot stands alone."

    BBM: 3B also says "Ashes! Ashes!" He got that from Ring Around the Rosie, although when he says it, it sounds like he's commenting on a part of someone's anatomy, if you get my drift...