Thursday, April 17, 2008

The next 72 hours

Those of you who are SAHMs or SAHDs know that my grand slam wasn't the greatest miracle worked on the night we took 3B out to the ballgame. That honor goes to all of Mama's planning and work that had her, 3B, and Barky ready to roll out the moment I walked into the door.

She had Barky walked and fed, 3B bathed and his dinner and diaper bag packed, and dinner packed for us. All I had to do was walk in, change into my softball clothes and head out to the car. I'm not sure how Mama does it all plus works what has become full time (and sometimes more than full time) job.

I do know part of her secret, since I'm the one to see her come to bed at midnight or later, having put in five or more hours of work after 3B goes to sleep. But all the planning, the coordinating, the knowing what's needed in advance--all that stuff you learn at Mom School--that's what I don't know.

And I need a crash course in it, because in 72 hours, she's going to turn over the keys to the kingdom to me and expect that I can run things until she gets back. And I have so many questions...will 3B, Barky, and I survive for a whole week on Cheerios and organic, whole wheat toaster pastries (read: ostensibly healthy PopTarts)?

But there's not enough space here for them all, so I've put one up in another poll there, in the upper-left corner of the page. There will be more to come over the next 10 days.

Help a father out, all you SAHMs and SAHDs--let me in on your survival secrets. If you won't do it for me, think of the kids--do it for Barky and 3B.

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  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    The nice thing about a kid 3B's age is that every day can be exactly the same, and he'll be fine with it. In fact, he'll thrive with it.

    So, just decide what you'll eat, and a few things to do, and you'll skate on through.

    And of course, the time with you is the important part, not the nutritional value of dinner. A few days of pop tarts won't kill anyone.

  2. Make sure you save a set of clean clothes for each of you to wear to the airport. Take Mama out to dinner on the way back from the airport. That way, she will never know what she missed unless she reads your blog or opens the closet doors when she gets home.

    Really, you need to plan on anything you want to do taking at least an hour longer than you thought it would, and be satisfied at the end of the day that nobody died and everyone has a bed to climb into. The rest is gravy.

    If it seems like you had a bad day, read about what happened when Mama tried to take a shower. Laugh a lot, at yourself. Spending time with the boy is the best part of it, and even as they get older, boys are happy as long as food shows up every now and then. They are not too fussy about the rest of it.

  3. Um, I'm an AHD and I don't really plan stuff or allow for extra time. I guess my idea of time is so based on the boys I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have to allow for them, too.

    Just feed them when they're hungry, hug them when they're crying and let them wear whatever they want. It'll be fun.