Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Put me in, Coach!

Normally I would take a break after such a long-winded post that took over a week to compile, but holy crap, 3B was so cute at our opening night softball game tonight.

He's my good luck charm. My first hit was a grand slam, and I got a hit in every other at bat (don't break your fingers typing congratulations--this is slow pitch, after all). Fortunately, I wasn't challenged much at shortstop, although I did make some on the button throws to home as the cutoff from center--none of which made an out, but still...good throws.

Which is why I'm typing this with an ice pack on my shoulder. I'm not getting any younger.

Speaking of younger, the real major accomplishments of the day here came from the youngest Bradstein in new words and sentences.

"3B boy. Daddy boy. Boys together."
"3B want to go over there."
"Bus stops at gas station." (yesterday at Mrs. K's)
3B was also reciting major portions of his new favorite book, the Vanishing Pumpkin ("Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!" and "Sit by the fire, watch the sun go down."), and an old favorite of Papa's that I share with him, Pickle for a Nickel. He's now at that point where he knows what we say on each page, so Mama was in the other room and heard 3B saying, "I made him talk."

Wondering what was up, she came into the room to see him looking at that page in Pickle for a Nickel.

Enough talking...on with the cuteness...

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  1. Really, you can send him here any time. I see you are starting the ball lessons early. My boy now has his first mitt, and I had to get one for his father too so they could play catch. They could all play together. 3B is way too cute, but then you knew that.

  2. Come on over to play any time. Well, except during nap time, although we can play while 3B naps, so that works too.

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    "3B boy. Daddy boy. Boys together."

    Awww...I know you guys will miss Mama while she's on her trip, but I can see that 3B is already onto the male bonding thing.