Friday, April 18, 2008

Report from the home front

This morning I can finally cough and sneeze again. Yesterday, my stomach muscles were so sore from softball two days before that when I felt a sneeze coming on, I had to distract myself in hopes I wouldn't sneeze--only, have you ever tried to distract yourself? From a sneeze?

"Look, a pencil!" Achoo! Dang.

What was sad was that when I did sneeze--and did I mention that it's pollen season, er, I mean springtime?--my stomach muscles couldn't hold up, so I'd get these little half-sneezes. Seriously, two days after the game and I can't withstand a split-second exertion.

I would like to state for the record that I was, in fact, young and fit at one time.

Speaking of young, fit, and yesterday, Mama called me with a report from the home front as she and 3B were heading home from the playground.

"3B just asked for his first material possession."
"Oh really? What's that?"
"A bike. With pedals. According to him, 'Daddy get it.'"
It seems that all my hard work designed to plant a desire to bike in his subconscious has paid off. However, my frequent admonitions that covetousness is a sin haven't. 3B said all of this as a reaction to seeing, and wanting, another kid's bike at the playground. Hey, if it takes covetousness, I'll take it. Just so long as we ride more down the route of Levi and less down the route of late, great uncle Syd...

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