Thursday, April 24, 2008

What we're saying instead of napping

Upside down! Upside down!
(standing with head on the mattress between his feet--you try to do that)

Daddy wake up!

Engine. Tengine. Engine. Tengine. Engine. Tengine...
(all that rhyming in Dr. Suess rubs off)

Daddy get you!

How now brown cow?

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  1. He can either sleep all night, or all day, your choice. At this age, do not expect both in the same 24 hour period. By 16, he will be able to nap all day and sleep all night like an infant again.

    Yes, I let her that far out of my sight, but I made her take her cell phone, so I can call and check up on her. There are also lots of adults I know there to supervise her. Someday soon, I might even let her go off to college. This is just practice.

  2. Bummer, now I have to go read Auntie B's blog to find out what that comment is about.

    My #3 can do that upside down thing, but she is the only one in my family who can. She recently posed with her leg over her head in a store window. I will send pictures later.