Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What we're saying this week

The top 10, er, 12 this week

  • 3B's ear...aahoogah!
    (this one is from follows "Nose, beep beep.")

  • Mrs. K, teacher.
    (she is a retired teacher, although we only mention this to others, not 3B; to him, she's always Mrs. K)

  • Mrs. K read Squashy Truck, Green Eggs, George to you.
    (while handing me this stack of books as I pack him up to go to Mrs. K's--that would be That's Not My Truck, Green Eggs and Ham, and Curious George)

  • Stop it.
    (does this require explanation?)

  • I want to play ball.
    (and every ball is a baseball since watching Papa play and the high school team take batting practice while we were at the dog park yesterday)

  • 3B did it.
    (to Mrs. K after she handed him something and told him she'd open it in a moment)

  • Need tissue.
    (better than battling him for the Pyrrhic victory of wiping the snot off of his face and digging the boogers out of his nose--and no, I don't know how Mama got him to be so willing to submit to this abuse)

  • I have one too.
    (referring to a tissue, when Mrs. K handed him one and took one herself)

  • The lizard is standing on the rock.
    (although 3B said this in the context of playing with a lizard toy at Mrs. K's, I think it makes a nice pair with his "cheese stands alone" announcement)

  • Ring around rosie, ashes, all fall down
    (while dancing in a circle in the tub tonight--again, missing a few words, but whattayagonnado?)

  • Run away from you.
    (again, I don't believe that an explanation is needed)

  • Barky's ear...aahoogah!
    (this one is all 3B)

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  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Oh wow, he really is having a language explosion isn't he? The things toddlers say are really too cute. Well, most things.

  2. I am pleased to hear that ears make noises, and the noises work on dogs too. What a clever child you have.

    I heard from mine tonight that she had landed safely in Jacksonville, FL. She was confused as to the time. Her phone said it was almost midnight, but we were not in bed yet here. Silly girl. She is in your time zone now.

  3. Christy: Yeah, it's funny how it comes all at once, and then, even within that how portions of it click, and then whole sections of speech come at once. I dunno, even when he says, "Stop it." and pushes me away, I think he's cute. Hey, we've all got opinions.

    CAGirl: Uh, you let my niece out of your sight? OK, we let 3B out of sight these days--until we hear that crashing sound in his room--but out of your immediate vicinity? On a plane? To another state? Is that really possible?

  4. Anonymous9:20 AM

    The scary thing is that they understand many, many more words than they can say. So you never know what will come out next!

  5. I am impressed! Porgie doesn't say too many sentences - unless they are phrases we commonly say to her.

  6. Amama: I'm sure that my siblings and Grammy can tell us what to expect.

    Christy: Oh, he's picked a lot of this up by repeating, although he does put the pieces together on his own too. Favorites this week have been, "Barky, sit!" and "Barky, hurry up!" Those are both new, so I guess I'm not as patient with Barky as Mama is.