Sunday, April 20, 2008

You don't need a weatherman...

Today, I managed to nearly drown all of us in monsoon rains. Twice.

The first time was a morning attempt to get Barky to poop, which turned out to be nothing more than a great time for me to finally use the rain cover for our BOB and for 3B to learn how to kick it off before we left the elevator. Before the walk was over, 3B had also figured out how to drop his shoes and socks out onto the ground from under the rain cover. A splendid time was had by all.

The second trip was going to be to the hardware store, but after the 60-second run to the car, we ended up going to the mall just to dry off. When we walked into Lord & Taylor, 3B and I looked as if we'd been over Niagara Falls without the benefit of a barrel. The salespeople weren't really jumping up to help us.

Rocket man

All I'm saying is that if you pay the big bucks to locate your store at the only entrance to the mall with a covered walkway from the garage, you're going to have to mop the floor occasionally.

Ice cream man

For the record, when we left our condo, it was not raining. By the time we stepped outside, seven floors down, however, there was a cataract of water dumping down. It didn't look so bad until we were out in it, and after the first three seconds, it was too late. Barky did make a break back to the door, nearly snapping his neck, and giving 3B and I whiplash, but we got that sorted out in short order.

Of course, by the time we were done in the mall, Barky had filled the car with eau de Wet Dog, so we came out even.

I can't believe Mama left me here with these two

When we got to the car, in the time it took me to unbuckle 3B from the stroller, he gained five pounds in water weight from what fell onto and soaked into his jeans. I ended up tossing the stroller into the front seat for expedience, and by the time I got in, 3B was in full command of the steering wheel, since I didn't bother to buckle him in, I just chucked him in and slammed the door as I sprinted around the back of the car.

And yes, Mama, since I'm sure you're reading this in Kampala--we did ride on the train in the mall, first thing. You think your son would let me skip that? I just didn't get any pictures, since we were shoehorned into the caboose with a mom and a kid who did their level best to not recoil in horror after we joined them, or even after I wiped 3B's nose with my finger, which I then wiped on my pants.

Is this gonna' be a bug hunt?

What can I say? There were four of us wedged into a space that's too small to hold Gary Coleman's shoes, and the diaper bag ended up jammed into the crook of my knees, which were bent at a harrowing angle and wedged against the bench across from me, with 3B standing on my thighs for a better view of the sunglass, gumball, and CareBear kiosks that we were driving by. Unless I could have produced a tissue from my ear, my finger was as good as it was going to get.

The way we were tangled in there, those other two should just be happy I didn't use one of their fingers by mistake.

We did make it to Home Depot after the mall, and we even got spare keys made to give to Steve and Larry, who will be dogsitting Barky during our upcoming travel, except one of the keys doesn't work, so I have to go back. I can't wait.

But, other than any attempts to leave the house, it was a great day. I think 3B's even feeling better since this morning, when he woke up with dried snot paving his upper lip. And his improved health comes despite having only a 45-minute nap today. I guess it's "feed a fever, sleep deprive a cold." He's much less congested, and hardly coughing, so I've got him all packed up for Mrs. K's.

Saying, "Cheese!" before snatching the camera

Of course, tomorrow's a whole new day.

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  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Well, you survived the day. So did 3B and Barky. I knew you could do it.

  2. Yes, we survived. One day.

  3. :)
    solo parenting is so much fun.
    and with regard to where to wipe your kid's snot: might I suggest the very bottom inner hem of a shirt, or in your pockets? Being a man, you may use your pockets a lot more than me...but for me, those are two very handy spots that I just might wipe my son's boogies.

    ...parenting can be so gross. but, it's wild how you just get used to it--wipe the snot on your own clothing, and move on. My non-parent friends just wouldn't get that...

  4. L-P: To what I thought was my credit, I did wipe it on the back of the cuff of my pants. The other family wasn't impressed.

  5. That other family must not have snotty noses ever, or they would understand. Of course, if wiping it is gross, you could just leave it there. Some day, they will sit with someone who thinks what they are doing is gross, and if they are lucky, a three year old will point it out, full voice.

    A little more of this weather, and you can start swim lessons on the way to the car. I am glad to hear that all three boys survived one day. Good luck surviving the rest of Mama's trip.

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    You make rainstorms sound hilarious.

  7. SJC: If I had detailed the lightning and thunder popping and booming all around us, you would have never come out from under your bed.

  8. I miss the east coast weather. I used to watch as all of it came down. Sometimes jumping up and down on the bed.

    When 3B gets older he can wipe his own nose boogies and then put them on the cuff of his pants just like his oldest cousin. Of course he also likes blowing snot rockets too. He will only do it when he thinks I am not watching. Now that is some exciting fun.

    Congratulations on that solo parenting... makes you appreciate that you can ping pong the kids so much more when there are two of you.