Monday, May 12, 2008

Seriously, WTF?

Some questions for NYC after spending some time there and for VA after returning back down here to Dixie:

NYC Subway: What's up with everyone having to swipe their MetroCard? Never heard of RFID? Or, do you like how everyone backs up into a human traffic jam at the turnstile?

DC Metro: What's up with everyone having to use their card to get in and out? You can't figure out a single fare for all rides, so everyone only has to stop on the way in? Or, do you like how everyone backs up into a human traffic jam at the turnstile going in and coming out?

NYC Cabs: No questions, just a big thank you for getting Mama 20 blocks downtown in 10 minutes so she could catch her train this morning.

DC/VA Cabs: Why is it that a high-speed, 20-minute NYC cab ride that involved slaloming around swerving buses and creative interpretations of what a red light is and means costs half as much as a half-mile, five-minute peaceful ride through VA's sedate suburban streets? And you wonder why more people don't take cabs?

NYC Subway: Seriously, what's up with all the stairs?

DC Metro: Why did you have Buffalo Bill record all the elevator messages at my Metro stop? It's creepy to be trapped in that glass box and hear him asking me to be polite to others and welcoming me to my destination. I can't help but think that elevator ride is going to end with me alone and starving at the bottom of a well. Welcome home, my ass.

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  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Driving in NYC is bad enough in the car with Papa, who is a careful driver. I shudder at the thought of taking a cab. There are just too many variables.

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I can answer the DC cab question. apparently DC cab map is broken down into ZONES, and the more zones you go through the higher your fare. so even though your trip was 1/2 a mile, if you driver took you through three zones to get there, it's a higher cost. I've been in more than a few DC cabs which stole my money because I didn't know about the zones. Once I knew the zones my costs went down significantly because I would tell the driver how to get to where I wanted to go.

  3. AMama: Oh, I'd much rather let a cabbie drive rather than have to deal with all of those variables myself. There are times when it's better to be out of control.

    Jaynee: Yes, DC cabs used to bill according to zones, but they did just switch to regular meters. Regardless of the system, they're still twice as expensive as NYC cabs, and half as fast.