Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding week wrap up

After the Yankees game, I fell into a bit of radio silence because we got a little busy. The weather in NYC on Friday wasn't helping, with the heavy, wind-driven rain bringing traffic to a halt and forcing us to wrap up every box we carried down to the venue in plastic. But we made it through all of that and then some. To catch up, here's some highlights from the rest of the weekend and a question for you parents about next week...

3B Escapes
During the wedding reception yesterday, Mama called to see how 3B was faring with his Grammy, Great Grammy and Aunt D. Turns out that our little Houdini had climbed out of his Pack N Play, which is a first.

Grammy was in the living room and heard screams, so she ran back to 3B'sroom. When she threw open the door, she found 3B standing outside his Pack N Play, apparently no worse for the ordeal. Grammy calmed 3B down and asked him what he wanted. He replied that he wanted to read stories and picked one out (The Vanishing Pumpkin, for those of you keeping score at home). After Grammy finished reading to him and lay 3B back down in his Pack N Play, he did stay in it and go to sleep.

Here's hoping the crib at home is a bit more secure for a little while at least.

Wedding Parade Through Times Square
I survived performing the wedding ceremony without mishap, which was a relief. Fortunately, the bride and groom are both highly organized and excellent planners, so there wasn't much for me to do except be there and read my lines. It helped that most of the ceremony was contained in the readings and their vows, so I did more MC'ing than ministering.

I wasn't too worried about it, but as the best man said of himself giving the toast, I didn't want to be remembered as "that fast-talky guy with the flopsweats and facial tics who broke down cursing at himself in the middle of speaking--'Stupid! Stupid! Why did you say that? Stupid! Stupid!'--and then started sobbing and ended up curled in the corner behind the bar, rocking back and forth, muttering to himself."

With the bar set so low, it was hard not to succeed, but I have to say that we soared above it, thanks to a beautiful couple who inspired and moved us.

After that was all over, a small knot of us ended up on the rooftop, lit by the glow of the NYC skyline, remembering old stories and hearing new ones about each other. It was nice to catch up with friends from high school who are also parents of young kids, and to make some new friends as well. 3B will be able to have playdates with peers across the country, and Mama and Papa have a new bar downtown to play darts in.

And then, a little after midnight, we walked the bride and groom to their hotel in Times Square, stopping for photos of them outside Gray's Papaya, at a pretzel cart, and all of us together in Times Square. Was it wrong that throughout the whole walk, I kept thinking of Curious George and all the places he went when he was lost in the big city?

This morning, after we got up and got to our respective trains, we found that the wedding was in the NYTimes as one of the Weddings/Celebrations announcements in today's Sunday Styles section. As 3B would say, "That's pretty cool."

Hot Foot
The groom treated the best man and myself to a man spa visit before the ceremony. It wasn't my first massage, so I was ready--more than ready--for the melted-puddle feeling that follows, but it was my first pedicure. My only question about the pedicure: why have I never had one before?

Really, she could have stopped after the tub full of warm water and glass beads. But it just kept getting better. There was the Barca-Madrid match on the big screen, then the mint scrub, the lotion and heated booties...again, why have I never done this before?

Of course, as soon as we were done there, we were late for our arrival, so we grabbed our bags, sprinted uptown, changed into our comfy rented tuxes, sprinted downtown, and so within about 30 minutes, our muscles were as knotted up as when we walked into the spa.

I can't imagine how we would have survived through the night without that spa break.

Missing My Internet Dates
Something else that I'd like to do next time we're in NYC is to make the time for some other friends. A lunch with MetroDad got scrubbed in favor of a last minute decision to have the groomal party take trip to the house that Ruth built, and there was just no way to get out to see Anthromama, who lives a short distance outside the city. Of course, next time we won't be there for a wedding, so we'll be more in control of the schedule.

Perhaps I'll even get my buddy, the groom, to meet some of these folks, so he'll see what good people they are and stop scoffing at them as "my internet dates."

After all, I didn't make snide remarks when we went to Midtown Comics on Thursday to pick up his weekly fix of junk delivery of new releases and mingle with the Aged Teenage Boys Club, did I?

OK, I did toss a comic book reference into the ceremony, but it was a great laugh line--helped loosen up the crowd. OK, and one action figure reference, but that was it.

Until the best man gave the toast, anyway.

Under One Roof in the House of a Mouse
In a few days we're off to the happiest place on earth, and I've got a question for the parents out there who've traveled with a ~2 year old: how does bedtime with everyone in one hotel room work? Does everyone just go to sleep at 7:30?

Anything else we should think about, take along, do--or not do?

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  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    That was pretty weird searching your name at! Luckily you only came up the one time, nothing embarrassing lurking in their archives.

    Yah, next time you gotta look us up when you're in town. The bride's family lives within spitting distance of our house.

    I'd say it's sayonara to the Pack N Play, if 3B can climb out.

    As for hotel bedtimes, it's pretty much lights out for everyone in my experience, unless you get some kinda fancy suite going.

  2. Don't worry about bedtime, just hope he is ready to go to bed as soon as he is done wearing you out. As far as the mouse house is concerned, the happiest one is the one where you are at the time. Do not give the child too much control over where to go and what to do, but go with the flow and plan on spending lots of time on the things that go up and down Main Street and go around in circles. Let him know that when you are moving away from something he likes that you are moving toward something he may like even more. Keep an eye on time and remember to feed him regularly, and it should be lots of fun.

    I would skip the Pack N Play since he has learned to get out, and work on educating the lad about the benefits of staying in bed on his own. You will have more room in the motel without it. He may sleep best between his parents in a strange place.

  3. Anonymous4:19 AM

    I know the King enjoyed the time at mouse house in Orlando as a kid. I was a bit older though, it is still one of the best times. I wasnt even a disney guy and I had a blast.

    TCB on Mickey, Minnie and 3B

  4. Your mother would tell you to make sure the bathroom has a good light. That way you can put kids to bed and then stay up and read as late as you want.

    Personally, I think you will all be worn out together so who is going to stay up the latest is a moot point.

  5. Amama: Yes, we'll see how it goes in the Mouse House, since they provide Pack N Plays as their in-room cribs. So, we may be taking the advice of my sister, CAGirl...

    CAGirl: Thanks for the Mouse House tips. We'll let you know how it all works out.

    King: Yeah, we'll see how he does, since he's not a Disney guy either. I'm sure he'll find something to like there...

    KMoo: I think you're right about all of us being tired. We're all pretty wiped now, and we're not even on the plane yet. Also, 3B's mom would wring my neck if there was a light on, even in the bathroom, while she was trying to sleep.