Saturday, June 07, 2008

Holy crap, it's hot! [Update: And scary and windy]

We got this email this morning from our fair city.

Heat Advisory, Excessive Heat Watch in Effect This Weekend through Monday
Heat Indices Between 105° and 110° Anticipated

The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for until 8 p.m. today, and an Excessive Heat Watch from Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoon for the city. Temperatures are expected to reach the middle and upper 90s each day. The hot temperatures, combined with high humidity, will cause heat indices to approach 105 degrees Saturday afternoon; head indices for Sunday and Monday may approach 110 degrees.

I lived in Palm Springs for a number of years. Although I was a snowbird, I did endure several days over 110. The hottest was around 120. That's the kind of heat that, as one person observed, causes people to require oven mitts to handle their steering wheel. I learned not to keep my car keys in my pocket, because on those days, when I took them from the ignition and put them in my pocket, they would leave a key-shaped burn on my leg.

But that was tolerable compared to this.

On the upside: free sauna for everyone, everywhere, all day. And it's heated up our pool, so it's pure bliss to float in.

UPDATE: This just came in...
The National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement for the city and the surrounding region, warning of strong thunderstorms through this evening. Storms in the area have the potential for hail and winds over 50 mph.
This and the flashes out the window explain why Barky is now huddled under the table lying on our feet.

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  1. I feel for you. Right now it is about 50 and raining here on the other side of the country. Will we ever get to summer here?

  2. This is what I get for living in Dixie. That is what you get for moving up north.

  3. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Ya know, Sacramento had a few weeks of 100-110 degree weather every summer. Everybody used to say, "But it's a dry heat!"

    I say, it was freakishly hot there, and it's freakishly hot here. The bonus to the East is that the freakish hot only lasts about 2 months, compared with Sacramento's 5- or 6-month summer.

    I see that the local pond opened for the season today. Must check that out tomorrow, as the kids were mighty wilted out in the yard this morning.

  4. Clearly you are living in the wrong Washington. I was looking at the weather for next weekend when a certain young person is graduating, bringing company into town, and the weather picture finally had a sun instead of clouds, however there was rain coming from the sun. I am thinking there is always a chance of rain here. I am waiting for summer. So far I think we have had about 3 days of it. I hope your sister checks the mountain passes for snow before driving through them.

  5. Uh, I look out the window and see a low of 60, high of 76. Tomorrow is 61 to 79 and clear. Foolishly I'm up on an early Sunday to put the bike rack on the car and go attack some river or other. I believe where you are the weather is described as "a good season to get back to the district and press the flesh with constituents." You need to take more field trips to offices like Vermont and San Francisco and Honolulu. I had to speak to someone in Wyoming this week and someone in Iowa, and they were both enjoying unseasonably good weather. (The gal in Iowa was crossing her fingers she wasn't going to get any of what was blowing north from Oklahoma into corners like Kansas and Nebraska and Minnesota and Missouri. In New York we used to call that moving from the Ms to the Is, both described as "out in the.") Of course there's a price to pay: we won't have water here in our taps by about August, or in our ice cube trays.

  6. Amama: Both are freakishly hot, and I'll take the dry heat every time. Sac'to can be pretty muggy, however, if I'm not mistaken, which makes 110 seem unlivable.

    Kmoo: This may be the wrong Washington--and there is a lot wrong about this Washington--but at least we don't have gill slits in our raincoats, to paraphrase a wise man.

    MrJ: I'll tell you what I used to tell your mother when she would give me weather reports, almost always unsolicited, from our fair state: Thanks for the update; you suck.

  7. Last I checked, we do have electricity in this Washington. We even make it here. Should we send you some?