Monday, June 23, 2008

No moss grows on a rolling apple*

I'll never stop learning things and getting gifts from my older siblings, er, sorry--big brothers and sisters...who just happen to be older than me.

Today, Sister #1 uncovered this photo of me engaging in two of my favorite childhood pastimes:

This is one red apple that didn't fall far from the tree:


Sister #1 also mentions something about her father, who can be seen in this photo, taken just three weeks after he married Mom, showing his affection for her as only he could.
My sister also implies that perhaps Dad's antics were a harbinger of his children's behavior. I can't imagine what she means by that.

*Have no fear, gentle reader (and you other slobs, too), neither were animals harmed nor bridges burned nor crossed during the mixing of these metaphors.

UPDATED: Added link to Sister#1's blog where these photos first appeared, which I meant to do originally, but spaced on.

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  1. She hasn't sent me any pictures. Either I was not cute as a kid, or I don't have a blog. Or mabe she can't tell the two of us apart.... some neighbors still have problems.

  2. She can tell us apart. You're the cute one.

  3. I did not send him pictures, he stole them from my blog. He left out the one from graduation ( of the group by the car at the bottom, which goes so nicely with the other family group he found. Silly Papa.

  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Good gravy that kid is cute. Oh, and the other one too :)

  5. I let out an audible "aw". You're both super cute!

  6. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Both of you are adorable thumb suckers.

    Theo just started and I'm freakishly excited :-)

  7. The thumb is such a cute habit, until you get to the orthodontist. At least they never lose it.

    My sister Kangamoo has pointed out that there are too many babies in the family picture, and actually, your parents were married for a year in the picture, since your mother is holding your big brother. I am glad someone pays attention to these things. For some reason, I did not put up the one with the labels. Oh, I remember, no fingers.

  8. Just look at you & 3B!