Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad dad. No biscuit.

3B has become fascinated over the last several weeks with pouring out the contents of his sippy cups. We've stymied his experiments by only giving him sippies with lids that require suction to get the contents out, like his Klean Kanteens with Avent sippy lids, and avoiding those that let the contents run out, like his Sigg or Born Free sippies.

Last night, while we were driving to Noodles & Co. to pick up dinner, our little genius found a loophole. He now sucks up a mouthful of water and spits it out. Yes, in the car seat. Yes, on himself.

And then, when he's out of water and thirsty, 3B cries out, "No! No! No! You [read: I] can't have any water!"

To which I said, "That's right. You can't have any water because you spit it all out."

We repeated this exact exchange several times while waiting for Mama to return to the car with dinner until I finally found some water in another bottle to refill his sippy with.

He took a huge pull from his refilled sippy, puffing out his cheeks to take it all in, looked straight at me with a devilish twinkle in his eyes, and pursed his lips. Looking down at his already soaking wet shirt and shorts and car seat, I said what popped into my mind.

"Here's hoping your diaper doesn't explode."

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  1. Suckah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't it amazing that sometimes we'll just give in & let them do it again and again because it keeps them happy [read: quiet].

  2. There is the keep quiet aspect...until he runs out of water and starts screaming, that is. But also, as Grammy says, as sweet as he is, he's not made of sugar, so it's not like he's going to melt.

  3. I seriously doubt his diaper will explode if it was filled from the outside, not internally. Just think, he is avoiding the middle man.

    In my house we melt from two things. I melt similar to the wicked witch, and the kids melt because of how sweet they are. Of course with all the rain we get here...... we are all still here.

  4. I wonder where he would have learned a trick like that. Remind me not to give him a cup in my car in two weeks. He can do it all he wants when he gets to the beach. I doubt he will run out of water. His cousins can each admire his newfound skills. They can each teach him a new skill. They are helpful that way.

  5. Speaking of exploding diapers, here's another reason I love to tell people I'm from the Bay Area.

    As an uncle, I'm so looking forward to meeting Mr. Drippy. I'm sure we will have many exciting new technologies to discuss!

  6. KMoo: I'll be sure to remind you, when he does this in your car in a few weeks, that this is an efficiency that he's discovered, not a mess that he's making.

    CAGirl: I thought we agreed that there's no meeting of the cousins until he's 12, when he will have already learned too many bad habits from his parents to pick up any more.

    MrJ: Interesting link--learn something new every day. I didn't think that we Californians needed sewage plants, since our shit don't stink.

  7. I am glad to see that I came in first place at something. It is too bad Mama and 3B are flying all the way across the country not to see the cousins, who are so looking forward to seeing them. Of course everyone will be on their best behavior, and nobody will learn any new tricks. Not that Uncle Mr.Jumbo might not have a few of his own to teach.

  8. Anonymous1:26 PM

    He's a genius and you know it.