Sunday, July 13, 2008

Papa for President: Diaper Change We Can Believe In

It must be true--I saw it on the innernets.

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  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    That was crazy! And what's up with that newscaster? Did she rob her mother's closet from 1975?

    This is an example of why we try to be very clear with our kids:

    "Look Papa, a fire-breathing dragon on the computer!"

    "No son, that's a digitized rendering of a drawing of an imaginary creature. It's a mediated, two-dimensional image of something that wasn't real to begin with. But it's way cool!"

    (OK, we don't really completely crush their imaginations like that. But we do pull out the Adbusters-style action on them occasionally, just to make sure they don't completely fall for the lies.)

  2. You have my vote, even though I am not sure I am ready for a diaper change yet. Nice that you should include the interview by whoever Franklin and the comment by the Doug guy. If I had seen my name up there I might have thought I was running too. I could hold a position of power... moreso than the one I hold at home of Athletic Supporter.

  3. You also have your oldest nephews vote... and he is old enough to vote. If only I can talk your 18 year old neice to register, she will vote for you too. Too bad 3B can't vote yet... I would think you have his approval by now.... after all those diaper changes.

  4. I will vote for you so long as I do not have to clean out the kitchen cabinets after you win. Of course I believe everything I see on the internet, however I did tell my son to lie about who he is if anyone asks online.

  5. Can I be your press secretary? We could run around the White House re-creating great scenes from "The West Wing"....

  6. KMoo: Good to know about your kids. I don't know about my kid. I think that Mama's got his vote. He might allow me to be her VP.

    CAGirl: I believe everything I read on the innernets too...except what I write, of course.

    VDaddy: Of course you can--you'd make a great CJ. I have the beard to be Toby, although I'm not sure that I have his complete Eeyore attitude.