Monday, July 28, 2008

Buggin' out


I made it back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali...sorry, I couldn't resist...where I'll be in training for work by day this week. At night, I'll be catching up with my best friend, hanging out with my sister, and continuing to clean out Mom's house.

Mama and 3B are back at home, tending to Barky. One of the many aspects of parenting that nobody every adequately described to me was what it would feel like to leave my family. Then again, I'm not sure how they would sum it up...stressful? heartwrenching? lonely? exhausting?

I already miss walking in to get 3B out of his crib and hearing him say, "No! Want Mommy to come in!" I miss hearing him ask, for the 387th time before noon, "Do you want to see those fiddlers, please?" [Translation: Can I see those fiddlers, please?] And watching him bob his head to the music--because I can't bring myself to write "bang his head to the bluegrass." And I miss the smell of lavender-scented steam slipping through the house as Mama showers.

And of course, I worry about them, but during this trip, most of my worries are focused on Barky, who seems to have come down with Lyme Disease. He's been showing all the classic symptoms for a few days now, although at first, it was difficult to ascertain if anything was wrong. Once we determined that he wasn't just being obstinate or lazy or, in other words, himself, it was hard to figure what was up. However, we were sure he was not feeling well when he couldn't even mount his throne--otherwise known as our couch--to nap.

The blood tests come back tomorrow to confirm the diagnosis. Until then, they have him on an anti-inflammatory to help with the joint pain. The good news is that we probably caught it in time for the antibiotics to do their thing effectively, which we hope means that he'll be as right as rain in a month or so.

That's what all that good country livin' gets us, I suppose.

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  1. Hope Barky is okay!

    Where are you in CA?

  2. The good part--the north. Just south of The City.

    Where are you?

    Should we get together with Family of Choice?

  3. Oh're the other part. I'll be down there next week.

  4. Oh, I hope Barky's okay too!!!

  5. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I didn't know dogs could get Lyme disease! It is good to catch it early on. That looks like a photo from a soulful Beagle calendar. ("Turn-ons: walks in the woods, sleeping, and lotsa food. Turn-offs: kennels, hot asphalt, and refrigerator locks.")

  6. Seriously, is there a disease or sickness Barky doesn't get? We are long overdue to see our beagle friend. Get him healthy so he can come stay with us again.

    Oh we'd like to see you guys too. Perhaps when you return?

  7. Amama: As Steve observes, if there's a disease around, Barky is susceptible. And yes, hot asphalt is definitely a turn off for him. Most of summer is...he's really a spring/fall kind of guy.

    Steve: Yes, we'd love to see you again. When we return would be easier, although if you want to fly out to the OC next week, it would be fun to see you there too.