Friday, July 25, 2008

No, really, I mean it this time...

A year ago, I promised a video of 3B walking. Now that I'm a year older and wiser, I made sure not to promise anything, so I'd be sure to deliver something.

This year, walking is old hat, but talking is lots of fun. Wonder where he gets that from?

For the record, this was all shot on 3B's birthday weekend: party on Saturday, opened gifts on Sunday, actual birthday on Monday--by which time 3B was pretty skeptical when Mama and I announced that it was his actual birthday. OK, so we had been saying "happy birthday" for two days by then.

Then again, as you'll see, 3B is the master of repetition, so maybe he has just stopped trusting anyone over 40, like his old man. Or, perhaps, he's done with all the ridiculous things his old man you'll hear...

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  1. We will all have to give him a turn next weekend, so we can hear all his new words. Too bad he can't come for longer.

  2. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Have you ever noticed some of the other videos you tube thinks are 3b? At the end of the video they give you some more options. There is a pretty cool one fo a S3B Viking jet.

    TCB on random stuff