Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama: Dirty Hippy. Ferret owner?

I never cease to be amazed at the crass naïveté of advertisers who believe that they can still win over the postmodern generations with such simple-minded tactics as equating Obama with a dirty hippy, making out in a mud puddle at Woodstock. (And what's the hidden message there: "Vote for me--I'm against fun"?)

And for thinking that no postmodernist would bust them for it as Romano does.

Although, perhaps this ad works if your target market is aging white men who still believe that the Vietnam protesters had it all wrong, and that if we'd just been willing to stick it out for another 100 years, and bomb Cambodia and Laos and Thailand and maybe even Burma too, for good measure, that we would have won. And maybe it works if you want to demonstrate that, no matter how strong the evidence or public sentiment is to the contrary, you'll continue to support a losing war that doesn't achieve its stated goals.

For me, however, it's not quite enough to convince me that bombing Iran to get rid of our dirty hippies is worth it. However, if it turns out that Obama has a ferret, I might reconsider.

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  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    And the "world is a dangerous place", so vote for Big Daddy who will smack down those mean bullies that threaten our safety on the big playground.

    I'm really sick of this fearmongering.

  2. Yes, there is the whole "feed the world bombs not bread" aspect of McCain's whole campaign. Not that the Dems aren't guilty of using the same line...and also doing their own fearmongering--vote for him and you'll get another 100 years of war, leaving the assumption hanging that a Democrat would bring peace, which is certainly not guaranteed.

  3. Obama is not even old enough to have been at Woodstock. What is so wrong with hippies anyway? Oh, I forgot you are on the wrong coast to think they are OK, since Woodstock happened, um, back there on your side of the continent?

  4. I know dirty hippies, and Obama, Sir, is not dirty hippy.

  5. CAGirl: What's wrong with hippies? Nothing, until they become yuppies.

    Whit: Ah, yes, but is he a ferret?