Monday, August 11, 2008

Go away, Daddy

BabyCenter's weekly updates often have helpful tips mixed in with the oft-recycled boilerplate pieces, but this week's tip about talking left me at a loss:

Your child may be using only the most basic words, or he may be stringing together sentences already. Both are normal at this age. First sentences tend to be brief, but they get the point across and are exciting to hear. Help your child internalize sentence structure by repeating his words in full sentences. When he says, "Mommy! Shoes! Me!" you can echo back, "Oh, you want me to help you put your shoes on? Okay, come here!"
So, how do I respond when 3B says, "Want Daddy to go away now"?

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  1. Run away silly. Look back and he will be chasing you.

  2. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Or, you smile and say, "OK, Daddy's going away now." I always get a kick out of repeating their words back to them--half the time they are shocked at what they said.

  3. oh, is it breaking your heart? or is it one of those situations where he wants (1) to poop, or (2) be mischevious?
    Gage tells Daddy to go away for the above 2 mentioned reasons or when Daddy tells him "no". It breaks my husband's heart!

  4. Running away, running away!! How can you come back if you don't go away? Coming back is half the fun.

  5. All: No, he will not chase me or miss me; he really wants me to go away, and is quite happy when I do.

    Honestly, it doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is when he cries out, "No! You can't play with anything!" in a very sad tone of voice.

    And no, he's not parroting that. We've never said anything like that to him.

    What're ya gonna do?