Friday, August 22, 2008

Bye bye, buns!

What 3B's saying these days...

In response to all kinds of questions: "Yes." (Mama and I are particularly happy about this, having made a concerted effort at the beginning of the year of the no's to have 3B say "yes" rather than remain silent when responding in the affirmative.)

After waking up screaming at 4:20 a.m.: "No! You cannot cry! No! Do you want a snugglehug? Yes." (This is one in a continuing series of self-answered rhetorical questions posed by 3B, including the ever popular call and response, "Do you want to go see Grammy now? Yes!" and other hits such as "Do you want to go to the basement and ride on cars? Yes!" and "Do you want a cookie? Yes!")

Walking out of a room: "Oh my gosh, I forgot!" (turns around, grabs lovie off the bed, heads out of the room)

Saying farewell to someone: "Bye bye, buns!" (The necessity of repetition of words for meaning escapes 3B--say something once, why say it again? This, combined with toddler pronunciation being what it is, renders a reminder to support the war effort as a farewell to ends.)

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  1. OMG, that is HILARIOUS!!! I love that he's asking rhetorical questions. I hope that he does it when we're having brunch next weekend (are we on or what?) because that would make my week. :)

  2. I can't help but think, somewhere, some kid... was singing "The wheels on the bus go round and round..." or perhaps the driver had not been alerted to this situation, (that the wheels do indeed go round and round).

    I am a little confused about what to buy now, but in time I am sure things will sort themselves out. You know your mother heard it was important to invest in CDs.... so she did.

    My kids especially like the phrase, "The baby is crying," when someone was supposed to be sleeping. Mama ignored this comment, as my kids learned how hard it is to NOT laugh at times like this.

  3. Porgie just start saying yes too. It was definitely a welcomed change in our household.

  4. I am glad he can recognize when he leaves his lovie behind. Perhaps my children who sprinkle their favorite things wherever they go could take a lesson from him. The last time we visited your sister's house, they each left a favorite thing there.

    He is too cute to be so far away.

  5. Anonymous6:23 PM

    He's answering his own rhetorical questions? Maybe he'll be a philosophizing blues musician.