Monday, August 25, 2008

Everything that happens will happen today

And if today is like yesterday, what happens will take place in an airport, a plane, or automobile. And if we have to wait, we will entertain ourselves.

There won't be songs about buildings and food, but there will be songs of hello and about submarines that are yellow.

There will be no fear of music, but we will remain in light until we have to pull down the shade and catch our naps on the short hop home.

And, because we're lucky, not necessarily good, there will be new music today.

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  1. A day with the Beatles is a good day. Nice guitar, is it a Stradivarius?

  2. Not a Strad, but it was his great-grandfather's violin, which he played in the NY City College Orchestra. In 3B's hands, however, it's become a fiddle. Or guitar. Or banjo.

  3. I like the neck thing in case he has a sudden nap-attack! Boom, he's there!!

  4. KMoo: And that's exactly what happened on the plane before we could get through even one story.