Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot coffee, jet fuel and PlayPlaces

I could tell this was going to be a good vacation when I had already forgotten on my first day here what day of the week it was. It's only gotten better since then.

Activities have included walking up the hill to fly a kite, chasing 3B around the garage--he on a Little Tikes car, me on a Plasma Car, napping, playing in a tent, walking in the brook, picking and eating fresh raspberries and engaging in general frivolity in Grammy's driveway.

All of this playing brought to mind Mama's trip here, which was marked by a nine-hour delay in LaGuardia, due to weather. 3B is a veteran traveler and so he was happy and well-behaved throughout, if a little tired by the time they finally met Grammy. However, their ordeal has raised this question in my mind...

How is it that McDonald's, which keeps costs down by having the smallest restaurants possible and whose most dangerous product is hot coffee, finds it worthwhile to spend the money to expand restaurants and increase their exposure to liability lawsuits by adding PlayPlaces to them, but airports, who consume thousands of acres of land and whose core business is stuffing as many people as possible into thin-skinned steel tubes full of explosive jet fuel and hurling those javelins into the sky at hundreds of miles an hour, can't find the square footage or a lawyer to write the indemnifying clauses necessary to build PlayPlaces?

Really...why don't airports have PlayPlaces? Seriously, if they can accommodate Brookstone--because we all need a digital nose hair trimmer at 35,000 feet--I think they could provide something that's an actual service to travelers.

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  1. SJC had a play place, sort of, in the old terminal. I walked by it when I was going to pick up my sister, but you came in the other terminal, and it was on the wrong side of the TSA to do delayed travelers any good. I am guessing it will not survive the renovations.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Denver has them. They look like Germ pools though.

    TCB on not getting a cold from a lil kid

  3. They are removing play spaces from those fine food restaurants up here in the NW. You should ask Cousin #1 the things he would find in the bottom of those places. He always would wind up richer and occasionally got a nice pocket knife, once it was rinsed off. Very interesting what happens in there.

  4. OK, maybe not the Habitrail of a PlayPlace, but how about a regular old playground? You know, sponsored by Purell.

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    That's a brilliant idea. Just sans the ball pit, please. Those just gross me out. There's no way they can really clean them. (And I'm not a big germ freak, but I do have limits.)

  6. agreed! playplaces at the airport would rock!

  7. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Buffalo Airport (ok - yes you hav to go to Buffalo NY) has them. They are sponsered by Fisher Price (headquarters there). Also, if you are in Admirals Club for American Airlines they have in LAX. (The only time AA has been helpful and the only time Larry travelling so much as been usfeul.

  8. Amama: I'm with you for other reasons...ball pits always looked like fun in the commercials...then I jumped in one...ouch!

    L-P: I'll add your name to the petition...

    JnfrB: It's been so long...good to hear from you...and thanks for the tips. Now all we have to do it route all of our flights through Buffalo.