Friday, August 15, 2008

Mental leftovers

A few more thoughts brought about by the passing of The Rock yesterday...and then I promise I'll get to the naked mime...

I'm tired of writing elegies. Exhausted by it, actually. It seems that in these last few years, I've had too many to write, as well as too many to read. But this is the way, isn't it? Life and death together--it's impossible to have a rainbow without the sun and the rain together.

It's not just this one death that has such a great effect on me. It's that this one death connects me again to all of the other deaths. Somehow, as I'm mourning this one most recent loss, I feel the resonant pains from all the previous deaths I've survived. And so, when I find myself wandering lost through our house, I'm not just thinking of my turtle, but of Dad and Mom and Grandparents and all the others who've gone before me. I'm sure it's this and the mild insomnia and missing Mama and 3B that are causing me to get all teary during the Olympics. Any time they show an athlete looking up into the stands for their parents, it's waterworks for me. Christ, I'm getting old. And stop with the schmaltzy commercials already, all the weeping is worrying Barky. But, at least it's not just me...

John Lee Hooker once observed that the blues started when Adam and Eve met, which I guess means that the blues are in all of us. A few days ago at Grammy's, 3B, who hadn't been napping, sat on the couch next to Mama and sang You Are My Sunshine, until he got to the line, "I hung my head and I cried," when he broke down sobbing. Mama said it was just about the saddest thing she's ever seen. We've got to get that kid some sunglasses and a hat.

3B's cousin brought his guitar, painted with hot rod flames, over to Grammy's for 3B to play with while he visited. 3B's been carrying the thing everywhere he goes, strumming the whole while. I got to see it in our videochat last night. Adorable. And I'm glad he's put down the drums and picked up a guitar. Nothing good comes of rock n roll drummers.

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  1. Nice to know that his favorite cousins had taught him a thing or two before he left. That is what they are good for. Even though they cannot out-cute him.

    I'm peanut butter, and you are jelly....

    Face Plant!

    Bye, Bye, Buy Bonds!!!

  2. Yes...we had to explain to Grammy why 3B was saying Bye bye, buy bonds!

  3. Incidentally, if the little rock star is having trouble getting through "You Are My Sunshine," maybe we ought to wait a year or two before we teach him "Enter Sandman."

    Until then, he can hone his rock-star image by learning to build fences.

  4. Is Grammy too young to remember Bye Bye, Buy Bonds? She should be explaining it to 3B, so he can explain it to me.

  5. Grammy knows what it means, but not why a two-year-old is saying it. Also, it requires some translation from toddlerese as my latest post details.

  6. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Dude, I thought I was the only one who cried at schmaltzy Olympics commercials.