Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another brick in the wall

Today, 3B went to school for the first time. OK, so it's two half-days a week, and it's a play-based and emergent curriculum, so it's practically a Montessori school, but still, it's school, with teachers and snacks and recess and circle time and learning and ohmigawd the handouts--a freakin' blizzard of paper, people!

3B's friend, Little J is in the same class, which should be fun because they play together so well, when they're not pinching, hitting, pushing, having meltdowns and generally being two-year-olds. But really, they're great together.

And Mama and I survived too, in great style I might add. We even met a few parents at the Parent's Schmooze in the Parent's Lounge after dropping 3B off. When did I become old enough to go into the Parent's Lounge without a note from my teacher?

Did I mention how much 3B loves his backpack?

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  1. It looks like someone has spent his share of time in airports learning what to do with wheelie luggage. I can see that the backpack is more an extension of the mower and tricycle than something that might go on his back.

    I am also glad to see that you dressed him properly for his first day, so that his teacher would know to take him seriously.

    Yes, you have been old enough for the parent's lounge for two years now.

  2. Yes, I believe the mower was training luggage for him, and that he's learned from all of his trips through airports just what to do with such bags. He expertly got it up and down curbs too, which means he'll always be able to fall back to being a bellman if the whole genius-millionaire-so-Mama-and-Papa-can-retire thing doesn't pan out.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Part of me is just sick that a two-year-old needs a wheelie backpack for school. Then I remembered that it's probably just for snack, change of clothes, etc., not homework, right?

    We missed out on all the parent schmoozing because we essentially landed here and then a week later started school. But then, the boy's going to a Lutheran school, so the schmoozing would probably have been a prayer meeting or something.

  4. Oh, there's no schoolwork in there, just diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a lovie, a lunch and a note from Mama and Papa. The schoolroom was renovated this year and the cubbies aren't in place yet; as soon as they are, we'll be able to stash some of that stuff at school, so it won't be such a schlep. But honestly, if the thing didn't have wheels, I'm sure we'd be carrying it the whole way. With wheels, we can't tear it away from him.

  5. Nice that you got him to carry his own diaper bag. He looks so grown up.

    Get used to the piles of paperwork, that never gets better. I am only getting it times 2 now, instead of the 4 of the same thing coming home from school. They like those notes at school. Then they expect you to read it all and know what is going on. I read most of them.

  6. We'll see about that paperwork. So far there's not been much of that, but there has been at least one email a day.