Thursday, September 04, 2008

Articulate announcements

Every day, there's more talking and singing around the house, most of it coming from our newest roommate. Thanks to Brother #2 and Feist, 3B is now a fan of four, anyway. Actually, he's long loved to count like Professor Wiseman in Curious George Gets a Medal, so it's nice that now he's counting up too, not just down. Not a day goes by that we don't listen to Feist 87 times; he's even rediscovered his love for the original video, in which he particularly likes the scenes where "everybody is dancing" and "everybody is hugging."

Last Friday was a linguistic watershed for 3B. In the blink of an eye, he went from boy to man, from contender to somebody, from Robert DeNiro to Elmo...that's right...he stopped saying "yes" and started saying "yeah." Wonder where he picked that up?

I guess not all the apples fall so far from the tree, eh?

A few days later, he picked up his toy keychain and held it to his ear like a phone, started walking around the living room and said, "Hey, I'm walking the dog." Gee, you think Mama talks on the phone when she walks the boys? And how do you think she starts her conversations? We both laughed so hard, he repeated it all night.

And last night he told us that "You are [read: I am] not an animal." As my high school AP Bio instructor would have pointed out, that's not technically correct: we have paws, claws and fur. However, 3B was making the point that he is not a lion, tiger, bear (oh my!), dog, cat, pig, cow, goat, zizzer zazzer zuzz or other animal that he reads about, which is correct.

Sort of.

When he misses a nap, as he did yesterday at Mrs. K's, he can be quite a bear, especially at bedtime, when we're changing him into PJs. He's going through a phase where he really doesn't want to take off what he's wearing or put on something new, although he likes the being naked part in the middle, proudly declaring, "You are naked!" Usually, I can get him started on the process with some zerberts, for which he lifts up his shirt--that's another apple that didn't fall far from the tree.

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  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    When he starts saying "dude", then you know he's been listening.

  2. If you ever wonder what you have been saying, now you know. They are so cute when they tell the whole world things you said when they were not in the room. Sometimes you can tell what he was watching when you were not there too.

  3. Amama: Dude, really?

    CAGirl: We're taking advantage of this feature. Since 3B's friend Little J doesn't talk much yet, 3B is our mole in preschool, telling us what happened during the day.

  4. That is hilarious! "Hey, I'm walking the dog." SO FUNNY! And yeah, anthromama is right: I bet 3B is going to be saying "Dude" before the weekend is over.

  5. My favorite quote was when the kids wanted my attention and they would say, "Dude Mom!" I have since had the sex talk with them, I am a girl!!

  6. I didn't know that "dude" was gendered; I thought it applied to men or women. Dude, learn something new every day.