Thursday, September 18, 2008

As sure as night is dark and day is light

When we returned home from Mrs. K's yesterday, 3B walked in, grabbed his guitar, sat down on his "stage" (an IKEA stool), in front of his "microphone" (his batting tee), and sang, "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine...I walk the line."

Now we can be sure that we've done at least one thing right as parents.

This is a fast number

Put me in, coach!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the only 3B-endorsed version of the song.

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  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    That is just crazy.

    I have two words for you regarding kids music: Bossy. Frog.

    The Frog rocks. In a kids music-ear worm sort of way. Not as cool as The Man in Black, but more fun to dance to.

  2. We'll have to check out that frog. The crazy thing is that this obsession sprung from one chance listening session--3B was near the end of his rope and we were nearing home, but not fast enough, when The Man in Black came on. We've been pointing out people who play guitars, mandolins, fiddles, etc. as much as we can, so I turned it up a bit and told 3B who it was, and he quieted down and listened to the whole song attentively. When it was over, all he said was, "Everyone is cheering.* Want to hear Johnny Cash again."

    *Yes, the prison version is the preferred version.

  3. Of course it is the best version, he shakes hands with his audience, and the guys in the flick are walking on lines. Friendly and literal, that would be your boy. He even has properly soulful eyes.

  4. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    Our kids are so meant to be friends!
    Tuesday: driving my mom to the airport. I say to Gage, "Look! There's a train."
    His response: (in song, of course) I hear the train a'comin''s rollin' 'round the bend...

    Our boys both love Johnny Cash!
    We rock as parents.

  5. CAGirl: Friendly he gets from Mama. Literal he gets from me. What he really likes about this version is hearing everyone cheer. You know...everyone is clapping, everyone is cheering.

    L-P: Well, yes, I've long thought that they're separated twins. Excellent railroad song, btw...but does Gage sing the part about the man in Reno?

  6. It's a shame I have the 'microphone' out by the curb to donate to charity.

    He is too cute!!