Monday, September 08, 2008


This never happened with Scrabulous (plus, if you look at the html for this notice, it's all larded up with Word formatting...seriously?)...

We're building a better SCRABBLE for Facebook ...

We're working out the bugs in SCRABBLE over the coming weeks and there will be minor downtimes for maintenance every now & then.
At the same time as we fix the bugs in this beta, we'll be improving gameplay and speeding up response times in SCRABBLE.

Thanks for your patience. We should be back up soon.


Yesterday's bike ride from here to there and there to here is still kicking my ass--actually, kicking my abs...can anyone help me stand up from the couch?--so I find it a bit demoralizing that Lance is considering a comeback next year. Then again, maybe he's not. WTF, dude? Seriously, I need to know if next July I'm going to have to find a new satellite TV provider, shave my legs, and spend six hours every night riding on the bike trainer, watching the day's stage.

I understand debates over political ideologies. For example, I don't want my country to elect as a leader someone who believes in banning books, and that's not just because the most prominent such elected leader turned out to possess a fair number of other crackpot ideas, a dangerous hubris, and a knack for overextending his economy and military in wars of aggression based on trumped up evidence.

What I don't understand, however, is how a debate over political ideologies would keep Cuba from accepting aid from the U.S. when waves from a hurricane are crashing over apartment buildings.

OK, I also don't understand waves that big making landfall. I mean, at sea, for surfing, yes, that's reasonable, but on a beach...WTF?

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  1. Woah, that wave is HUGE!

  2. Note to self: No cruises to Cuba until after hurricane season...oh, and after it's legal and all that stuff too.

  3. With regard to the "F", it's because we (the USA) cannot freely provide aide to help people out who desperately need it without an agenda. We always have to put stipulations on our acts of kindness. Stipulations far to costly to accept.

  4. We wouldn't do something like that, would we?

    Oh wait, we would.

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I think it's pretty sick to withhold/refuse aide based on political factors. And by aid I mean food, medicine, etc., not enriched uranium or covert operations. Since when do we only help people who agree with us? Are we now asking for statements of political beliefs at the soup kitchen door?

    Dude, that surfing video made me ill just looking at it.

  6. Hey we got the same news report here on the left side of the country. What an impressive wave. Now I know why we live on the left side (looking up from Mexico)

  7. I am looking for some good books to read, so just tell me which ones Sarah is throwing out, and I will read them.

  8. Amama: Sick? Are you sure you're a Californian? Or, did you mean, "Dude, those waves are sick?"

    KMoo: I'll trade you one hurricane for one tsunami...

    CAGirl: You probably already read them all in high school English classes, but I'll see what I can do.