Sunday, September 07, 2008

A child's need for speed

Every time we've been in the car this week, 3B has engaged in the same call and response, from his back seat throne: "Do you want to go fast? Yes, you want to go fast." He repeats this until we tell him that we are going fast, but he starts again as soon as we slow down or hit a red light.

Friday night, as we were taking a family walk to take in the great outdoors, get some exercise and watch Barky poop, 3B kept calling out the same call and response from his stroller, punctuated by bursts of "You want to go fast! You want to go fast! You want to go fast! You want to go fast!" Finally, I relented and ran him down the sidewalk. Of course, as soon as I stopped to catch my breath and look around for a defibrillator, he started yelling it again. It was all I could do to not point out that his buggy is a MacLaren, not a McLaren.

Today, as we were riding our bikes down to Olde Towne, 3B, the charioteer to my horse, kept calling out, "Want to go fast! Want Daddy to ride fast!" To his credit, he did occasionally cheer me on, after being prompted by Mama, "Woo hoo! Go daddy! Go bikers! Go bikers! Go bikers!"

With his need for speed, I'm just hoping the kid doesn't turn out to be a menace to society, like a Scientologist or something.

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  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I still don't know if boys' need for speed is nature or nurture, or both. My son recognized cars early on, and still gets very excited when he sees "race cars" on the street (usually some Honda Civic with a spoiler or something). And he can ride his bike "soooo fast".

    Let's hope that "go bikers, go bikers" doesn't translate into any Hells Angels action in his later years, either.

  2. I was out there riding pretty fast today between my swim and my run. 3B's cousin and his aunt were doing the go fast bit, including a warning about that hill I was about to ride up, and advice to keep going fast. Too bad 3B was not there to be an athletic supporter too.

  3. Like i said when ya’ll were out here, you’re probably screwed.

  4. Amama: 3B has a mild interest in motorcycles, but not too strong...might have something to do with us burning his leg on one when he was an that cheer for bikers is only directed at bicycle riders, which could still go bad. He could end up a Pantani rather than a Leipheimer.

    CAGirl: Yikes. Every time you write about the exercise you're doing, it exhausts me.

    Elizabeth: Thank you for your continued support.

  5. Perhaps you should have been the one in the stroller and 3B could have pulled you. If his laps around the kitchen counter the other night were any indication of his speed and energy he could have taken you for quite a ride;)

  6. I suggest you let him out and have him push his own stroller. Then you can yell, "Do you want to go fast? Go faster, Go faster!!"

    At the Triathalon (watching your sister) we stood by the guy whose job it was to say, "There's a bump coming up." It was funny to hear repeatedly.

  7. AR: He's into the fast, not so much into the working for it.

    KMoo: I hope there was also someone near the finish line repeatedly announcing, "You are approaching the end of the triathlon. Please watch your step."