Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chillin' with the Bananas

A little while back, we had dinner with the talented, gracious and beautiful Bananas on the deck overlooking their back yard. They not only prepared a delicious meal, they allowed our two boys to rampage through their house and yard. Most of the meal was spent with 3B shaking the bars of the railing and chanting "Do you want to go down there? Do you want to go to the yard?" Have I mentioned that he gets his manners from me?

We were able to corral him at the table for short periods to eat, and slightly longer periods to eat and listen to the fiddlers, which might qualify us as asshole parents by MetroDad's criteria, but for the record, MD's an asshole for being consistently funnier than any other blogger, making the rest of us look bad. That's right--it's his fault that I don't seem funnier.

Mama and I forgot the camera, lost our minds, brought a toddler and a hyperventilating hound, got lost in the good food--it wasn't my fault, I swear!--but fortunately, Liberal Banana captured a moment from the evening, and so here we are with DJ 3B, who apparently also ordered bottle service:

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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Dude, that might be the cutest photo of 3B that you've ever posted. Seriously adorable. Love the headphones with the tigers. Do they make those in adult sizes?

    Yay, Bananas!

  2. I have to say that 3B is as unbelievably cute in person as he is in that photo. When Papa started singing the lyrics to Yellow Submarine, stopping to let 3B finish each line, it was just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

    It was great to see you guys and I hope that it won't be another 9 long months before we see you guys again! (Plus, I have to give you back all your beautiful serving dishes!)

  3. MD: 3B's kid-sized phones fit on my ginormous head, so you should have no problem sporting them. Let us know when your birthday is, and we'll order you some.

    LB: It's even better when he busts out the whole song on his own, but usually he prefers the duet format. Yes, it can't be as long again, so we'll have you over to see your pictures and hear your stories after you return.

  4. I learned from your mother that the habits you form at home are also the habits that are used when you are out.

    I changed the way I did a lot of things at home (which were not an issue at home) so that when the kids were visiting, they had appropriate behavior (as a good habit.)

    Of course I am not one to talk since we don't even have the table cleared off so we could possibly have a family dinner together. Instead we sit in the living room and eat watching TV.