Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Living the impossible dream

Almost every morning, right around 4 a.m., 3B lets out a scream or series of screams and then immediately goes back to sleep. He's done this since he was an infant, when he would do it in the middle of his all too brief two-hour naps, so we're fairly used to it.

That doesn't mean that we don't wonder what causes it. Is it nightmares? All that pizza we feed him right at bedtime? The thought of a tax and spend conservative being one malignant melanoma away from running the country, or of Bobby Julich retiring?

If it's that last item, 3B can keep screaming, since Julich did retire this week. Ever since he first saw the Tour of California video (it's OK, open it in another tab and leave it playing...it's nice background music) that I put together after watching the prologue with Brother #2, 3B has been fascinated by Bobby Julich, who shows up briefly in the middle of the video.

I've tried to distract him by pointing out George Hincapie, domestique for all of Lance's TdF victories; Oscar Friere, three-time world champion; and even Fabian Cancellara, he of the beautiful Swiss hair, who's also a two-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist, but 3B only has eyes for Bobby Julich...or, as he says, "Bobby Dulich."

However, it appears that 3B will now have someone new(ish) to cheer for next year.

Speaking of dream teams of fast men, I got to spend my morning and evening with Team Boy Bradstein, since Mama was off early to all day meetings that went late into the night. That left 3B and Barky and me to reenact Lord of the Flies, although 3B is much more likely to lead a revival of Lord of the Dance.

And that is how I ended up running down the sidewalk in my work clothes, sweating in the sultry evening air, dragging Barky, pushing 3B in his stroller as he munched his way through dinner, listening to 3B chant, "Want to go fast. Want to go so fast. Want to go fast." wondering all the while how Mama does this so gracefully on a daily basis. And yet, I know exactly how, because every day is like a koan: draining and rejuvenating.

It's a dream job that no position in any organization could ever match: physically and mentally demanding, ever changing and all important. Every night I slog down the hall and throw myself down onto the beachhead of our bed, where I lay like a lump for too few too short hours until I again awake, energized by thoughts of again spending the day with the boys and Mama, ready to chase the sun down to the horizon at dawn if that's what the day calls for.

That said, it's good that this dream job is rejuvenating, because those 4 a.m. clammy hands, cold sweat, heart racing, adrenal glands pumping harder than Hans and Franz screams aren't rejuvenating at all. In fact, I think my beard used to be some color other than gray before they started.

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  1. If Genetics has anything to do with the color of your beard, your eldest nephew has a red beard, and no kids. The nice fellows he is working for noticed that about him.

  2. So that's where I got my red beard...from my nephew

  3. #1---love that sweet little face! How happy he is jumping in that bounce house. So cute.
    #2---love the Cookie Monster romper.

    I imagine the "go faster" routine is getting pretty old. But, then again, if I run for 60 seconds, I'm pretty much done working out for the week. Your endurance is probably MUCH higher/larger/more than mine. (how do you measure endurance? I don't have a clue. I rarely use the word b/c I try to avoid activities which require it...)

  4. Question of the winter will be what Big George will do if Lance re-signs with Bruyneel & Co. Can he ride in support of anyone else? Would he give up being a team leader (on a team with dodgy sponsorhip) for one last hurrah with his old captain?

    I'd also be nervous about how long Contador would want to stick around on Astana if he has to step back from being the obvious leader, but so far he's been saying the right things about being honored to open the door for Lance and so on.

  5. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Wow, a 4 am scream every morning? I wonder what that's about too. Could a toddler have existential angst?

    Dude, thanks for the Hans and Franz link. Too few people know what the hell I'm talking about when I do that shtick. Love the Dana Carvey teutonic lip curl.

  6. L-P: You and me both. If this keeps up, I'm going to need to strap an oxygen tank to his stroller.

    MrJ: What else were you going to do this winter but read cyclingnews.com for updates?

    Amama: Could be that. Could be growing pains. Could be messing with our heads. I probably slightly overstated the frequency, but it's common enough that we either barely register it anymore, or just roll over and go back to sleep, which is, for Mama, quite something.