Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday melange, Labor Day

3B's axe

Our labor today consisted of going to Le Target to buy school supplies for the first time. Grand tally: one Spiderman backpack with wheels for school. Also, just because we were there, one guitar (comes with strap), one guitar stand (comes with spare picks), one batting tee, and one bat. Plus, we got gifts for 3B's friend Little J and his new baby brother, Little B, who we're going to meet for the first time this afternoon after nap time.

Speaking of which, why is it that 3B's energy level is inversely proportional to mine? At 9:00 Thursday night, when we returned home from our first pre-school meeting, 3B had more energy than a critical mass of Uranium-235, and was careening around the house in a chain reaction that was quickly becoming critical. I, however, was able to keep my eyes open just long enough to help get him ready for bed--a Pulitzer Prize is deserved by the insightful blogger who observed that dressing a toddler is as easy as putting a squirrel in a sock. As soon as Mama started reading stories to 3B, it was lights out for Daddy. Same thing in the morning: 3B wakes up moving about as fast as Road Runner, while I'm still stumbling into, off of, and through toys, chairs, and other objects around the house.

Speaking of stumbling through things, I also completed my second ever fantasy football draft, which puts me again, if only for a few months, in the same league as Black Belt Mama and Sarah. If this year is as successful as last, my nickname--The Doormat of Doom--should become permanent. Given last year's failures, I won't attempt domination prognostication, but I will go out on a limb and say that, no matter how bad it gets, I will not, unlike those known firebrands, debate coaches, drop trou if I lose. Yes, you can all thank me for that now.

For the record, here's my team...feel free to make your prediction of how this lineup ranks in the Harbinger Hall of Fame:

QB, Matt Hasselbeck
RB, Steven Jackson
RB, Maurice Jones-Drew
RB/WR, Torry Holt
WR, Randy Moss
WR, Marques Colston
TE, Dallas Clark
D/ST, Packers D/ST
K, Shayne Graham

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  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    By 9 pm you mistakenly had let him stay up long enough to get his second wind, and in the morning, well, then he's just rested and ready.

  2. Every day, he gets smarter and stronger while I get stupider and slower.

  3. In case you need a t-shirt to go along with your fantasy football team, you can get one at
    It's quite random that I was looking for some camo tees on the internet when I came upon that website with all sorts of tees...and then you post about fantasy football.

    Anywho...just thought I'd share the info.

  4. I'll ignore the fact that you were looking for camo tees online when I say that of course you found that site...we've got that whole random synchronicity thing going all the way back to paint colors. Just so long as you don't paint any walls in a camo pattern, that is.

  5. I see you are still working on the rock star thing. Good luck with that.

    It sounds like your naps are off cycle with 3B. I doubt he lasted too long before he crashed. They like to run the batteries all the way down before they recharge at that age, which can get a bit crazy just before bedtime.

  6. Yeah, he always crashes well, although the landings are sometimes rough. Not only was I off cycle, but I'm decaffing myself, so there's that too.

  7. Anonymous4:33 PM

    What are you worried about? Graham is a great kicker!