Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Splish splash, what we say in the bath...

"You are drinking your own pee." 3B said this as he scooped up some bathwater in half of a plastic egg and brought it to his mouth, watching me for a reaction. Apparently, this is what Mama had said to 3B the night before in an attempt to keep him from drinking bathwater--a vain attempt, I might add.

"That is not a pocket." 3B said this as he put his hand down his butt crack, relating back to a debate that 3B and Mama had when he was trying to put his hand down into some pants that he had just filled.

"Want to see Mr. Cool J." Well, who doesn't. Watch to your heart's content.

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  1. That had me laughing out loud.
    Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Mama & 3B have the original conversations! Don't get me wrong---the repeating is precious...but I imagine the original conversations were JUST as amusing!

  2. If Mama is to be believed, the original conversations are pretty much what you get here--we say something and 3B gives us that blank look that says, "How did you get in here? Can't you see that I'm busy?" while he goes about his business

    I'm impressed that Mama can be so articulate at times like that. Usually, I'm reduced to, "No. No. No. Yucky."

  3. I've tried the drinking your own pee thing with mixed results. I guess if you can sit in it without issue it's not that big of a deal.

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    This whole second-person thing is cracking me up. It's like his superego is in charge of his mouth!

  5. I guess the whole bathroom humor thing starts as soon as they can talk. I admire the ability to be articulate when faced with a potty minded toddler too. It sounds like he is ready to put things in the potty directly soon.

  6. Whit: It doesn't help much that I don't care much if he drinks the water or not. The soap is likely a greater danger than his pee, and even the soap is non-toxic. The greatest danger is probably that his diaper will explode one night in his crib.

    Amama: Yes, I believe that's exactly what we're witnessing...the formation of his superego. Fascinating to an old psych major like me.

    CAGirl: I believe that he's ready for that, but he needs his privacy, which includes the lights being out. Sounds like it's time for Mama and Papa to start pooping with the door open. Good times.

  7. We (big J and I) watched Mr. LL Cool J, and then we watched Jack Black describe an octagon. She was surprised and who is on Sesame Street, and I just told her, "Everyone is on Sesame Street." That would be why the parents think it is such a cool show.

    I have had several conversations with my kids using phrases that I never imagined I would ever use.

  8. How can he read in the dark? What kind of example are you setting anyway? My boy progressed faster when he learned to go outside. Sometimes he still demonstrates a preference for the trees in the backyard. Later, his sister suggested he did not have to drop his pants to his ankles every time. Of course you will have to find just the right park to play in for that.

  9. Anonymous12:45 PM

    What, you don't have to use the toilet with the door open already? You lucky thing.

  10. KMoo: And just this week, 3B pointed out to your Aunt M that a stop sign has "eight glorious angles," so it's not just that they're celebs that keeps the parents watching.

    CAGirl: If we could get a tree to grow on our balcony, we wouldn't have to take Barky for walks either...but no luck with that yet.

    Amama: It looks like we'll be going with the door closed and the lights out and our junior pottyman audience for the foreseeable future.

  11. We had the kiddie potty in the middle of the living room. Makes it faster to get there and get your business done and get back to playing. When I say 'your' in that sentence I mean the kid.