Monday, October 06, 2008

All the cool kids are doing it

My sister inspired me to empty my phone card too. That's as far as it goes, however...I'm not racing in any triathlons like she does. That's just crazy talk.

These are in chronological order...recent ones up top, shots from the Paleozoic at the bottom.

When you go hiking, it's important to get just the right stick, even if you have to go far afield.

Sometimes, you need more than one stick.

All kinds of sticks are useful.

Even these guys have sticks...(this is at a Caps practice because they practice across the street from work, so I can meet Mama and 3B there at lunch)

3B diggin' on gospel music.

At the instrument petting zoo...which to a boy obsessed with his string instruments was a slice of heaven. He got to bow and pluck a violin, viola, cello and bass, after which his head exploded from joy.

Why we went to the street festival... catch some air, dude...

...and relax.

Another Barky in the wall.

At some point during the summer, which seems to have taken place last year, we went bike riding.

Hydration is important.

Bobby Julich, according to 3B.

Somehow, riding in the car is not as much fun as biking.

I keep telling 3B that covetousness is a sin, but he does this at every baseball field. If you build it, he will come.

I'm not exactly sure what they put in Coke in Belgium, but suddenly, I'm not so thirsty.

Apparently, their cigarettes include the same death that ours do here--long, slow and painful--as shown on the warning label.

Oh, and theirs kill children just as effectively as our do...yeesh...I can't imagine any parent picking this up, let alone buying it.

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  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Looks like Barky was grooving on the old time religion, too.

    Wait--Gauloises can kill you? I thought they were supposed to be cool!

    Um, is that a little putti statue peeing into the Coke bottle?

  2. Never underestimate a good stick.

    We have that same Mickey Mouse, and many pictures of him.

  3. I am sure I have told you this before, but it bears repeating. Sitcks are good.

    Once when at Yosemite for Thanksgiving, grandmother was a little concerned that we had been hiking for quite a ways and my oldest had not picked up a stick yet. I think she was gong to suggest counceling for him, but alas, he finally found the perfect one and snatched it up. He ended up carrying it the rest of the trip. He will still explain to me that finding the perfect stick is important.... forever young at 21.

    Now if you can teach him to throw rocks, he can help fill in things, like the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. His older cousins have given him a head start on those.

  4. Oh, and his oldest girl cousin will teach him to play Pooh Sticks if he is near a stream and a bridge.

  5. Your phone looks like it has had more fun than mine. At least, it went more places than mine did.

    Sticks and rocks are both such good things, but sticks photograph better. We still bring lots of them home.

  6. Hey silly monkey...I recognize that shirt. Our little dude has the same shirt.

    :) that a word?